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DuffIzzy - Birthday

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Axl does his best to distract Izzy on his birthday, and Izzy's mind is too worried for him to fully enjoy the day.

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Izzy blinked as the doorbell rang, it was just noon… and that was early for most people he knew, so it could only be Axl. Duff was busy somewhere else and wouldn't come back for a few days, the blond hadn't stopped apologizing for ages because he wouldn't be here on Izzy's birthday… well, at least he said he'd call. Shaking his thoughts away, the dark haired answered the door, smiling as he was hugged by his best friend.

"Hi, Iz~ Happy, happy birthday! Are you busy? We could go out and get some food, yes?" As Axl spoke, he'd already walked in, grabbed Izzy's jacket and hat, and then dragged the guitarist to the car, not waiting for an answer.

"Ax…" Izzy tried to protest, he wasn't sure what time Duff would call or if anyone would show up, not to mention he hadn't been given time to lock the door. But Axl started talking again, making him just sink into the seat and listen as they drove off.

The dark haired got more and more nervous as time went by, but he didn't show it. It was already dark by the time Axl decided to take him home, and he was already regretting not having said anything. Being that nervous and wanting to talk to Duff, he'd not had as much fun as he usually would with Axl, and that also made him feel bad… until he opened the door to his house.

"Happy birthday, Izzy!" Everyone who was inside the living room spoke at once, and he couldn't help the blush that took over his cheeks as he felt familiar arms wrapping around his waist. "Hey, cute thing."

"Duffy… and everyone… what…" Izzy looked around, there was a huge cake on the table, some other sweets and salty foods, and just… people everywhere. He hadn't imagined so many people would remember his birthday, much less throw a party for him.

"It was Axl's idea first, and then… I just helped some. Travelling was actually just going around and getting all these guys to help, and I crashed at Slash's place… Axl said he'd distract you because no one else would be up early enough, nor keep you out for so long…" Duff chuckled, kissing his cheek. "Now come on, we need to cut the cake before Vince and Nikki eat it all…"

"Yeah… thanks."

Axl hugged Izzy and Duff, and soon everyone joined in, before Steven jumped on top of them all and made most fall.


"Um, happy birthday to you?"
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