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Slaxl - Fights

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Slash and Axl have an after-fight moment.

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Axl closed his eyes, resting his head on Slash's chest as the guitarist's arms circled his waist. He was tired, emotionally and physically exhausted. They'd fought again, badly, as usual. Yes, they were already okay again, but he just knew it would happen again. Or Slash would be in one of his drunk bad moods, or his own emotions would get out of control, or something stupid would happen, and then they'd be back to screaming insults and beating each other up until one ended up badly hurt or crying, or both. And he was tired of this. "Slash…" He whispered softly, his voice weak and cracked from him crying too much.

"Yeah…?" The dark haired frowned, kissing his forehead. He also hated fighting, and the worse was seeing Axl in this state, so little and hurt. It was hard to even think he was the same person that would sing in their concerts and fight, and yell at people… then again, Axl was a very emotional, sweet person, it just took certain situations to bring it out, sometimes.

"I'm tired… of fighting. I don't want this to happen… every single time we're okay… something fucks it up." He looked up at Slash, his eyes filling with tears again. "Why can't we be like… like Duff and Izzy? They never seem to fight…"

"I know. But they're Duff and Izzy, not Axl and Slash… and… I think we'll never be able to stop this completely, but we can lessen it. We just… have to try…" Slash ran his fingers through Axl's hair, sighing. "We have to try hard to fix this thing."

"I hope we can…" Axl snuggled closer into his arms, enjoying the feeling of Slash stroking his hair. It was calming. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Ax. And… we'll fix this, I promise. It'll get better." Or at least he hoped.
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