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Duff goes to spend some time with Izzy, and surprises him in the morning.

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Izzy's mind was still slow, it was early morning and he had no idea if he was even at home, because it smelled different. Not bad, just different from his bed, but still familiar. Before he could even open his eyes to face the evil sun rays that shot through the window, he felt an arm wrap around him and pull him close, and then he was kissed.

The dark haired smiled and kissed back, this could only be one person, anyway. Still with his eyes closed after the kiss ended, he snuggled closer into the embrace. "Duffy… knew it smelled different. When did you get here?"

"Just a few hours ago." Duff smiled, stroking his hair. "You were sleeping so cutely so I just decided to join you…"

"Why do you insist on calling me cute? I thought we'd gotten over that… about ten years ago."

"Because you still are cute… not innocent at all, but cute." He yawned, closing his own eyes. "And I'm sleepy."

"… Don't tell me you stayed up all night, after driving all the way here, watching me sleep." Izzy rolled his eyes, why did Duff always do stuff like this? He'd known the blond for over twenty years, but even with all his newly bookworm self, Duff was still a complete kid when it came to these things.

"Then I won't tell you." Duff grinned, kissing him gently. "But I'm okay, I slept a lot before leaving the house… I just missed you too much to risk being asleep when you woke up."

"You know, you haven't really changed." Izzy smiled. "But if you're tired, sleep… I wouldn't mind sleeping a little longer. I just want someone to close the window." It wasn't his fault, he'd spent the whole day writing music in the dark – he knew his guitar well enough to not get it too wrong – and then he went to sleep, without seeing light for a long time… it made his eyes not want to open at all. And the sun was too bright, one way or another.

"Window status: closed." Duff said as he managed to get out of bed and close the window in a fraction of a second, and in just about the same amount of time, got back to his previous position with his arms wrapped around the smaller man. "Now sleep?"

"Yes, sleep. And if you go home in less than a week, I'm going to kill you."

"I missed you, too."
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