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DuffIzzy - Breathing

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Izzy writes Duff a note before leaving.

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"Am I a bad person for leaving? I don't know if I can answer that question. I can't stand to see this happening, it's such a different view now that I'm cleaned up. It hurts me too much, to leave you, the band, everyone, but I need to do this for myself. I'm losing my mind all over again."

Izzy sighed, holding back his tears. This hurt more than he could put into words, his wrists seemed to be made of rock and hardly moved, his chest was heavy and he could hardly breathe. His whole body was tense.

"I'm sorry, Duff, I need to do this. I have to leave now, or I'll get caught again and it'll be too late to change this. I just want you to know I still care."

Finishing the letter, the closed it and slipped it into a small envelope, setting it by the bed before getting his things, and leaving. He'd cry later, but now, he needed to keep breathing.
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