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TommyNikki - Pink

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Tommy wants to surprise Nikki for their anniversary, but things end up a little Vince-y.

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"…" Nikki stared at the room in shock, like he'd just seen a train be run over by a pink unicorn. No, not the other way around, at all. "Pink balloons… white and pink cake… pink… sheets… pink… cotton candy?" He twitched. One way or the other, it was way too pink for him. This seemed to scream Vince, actually, it was hard to think it was for Nikki himself. "Tommy, tell me you got no unicorns into this."

"… You don't like it?" Tommy pouted, okay, maybe pink wasn't the best choice and Nikki would now hate him for it, but the only decorations he found in stores were pink, and he wanted to decorate everything for their anniversary. Sighing, he looked down, he should've just left it alone and rented some hotel room or gotten a good restaurant…

"Tommy…" The bassist sighed, too, hugging him. "Don't be upset, I know your intention is good… and… I'm sure the cake tastes good, too?"

"Yes, I fucked up and should have planned to go out. Yes, I should have kept the sheets black and maybe a light-covered cake wasn't a good idea. Yeah, the balloons are fucking childish, I know. Are you done?" He whined.

"… You should listen sometimes, instead of putting yourself down… it's just… a little too… Vince-ish."

"But none of the movies I rented were Legally Blonde, Beverly Hills Chihuahua or anything like that… does that make it any… non-Vince-like?"

"I guess…" Nikki smiled, pecking his lips. "Still, don't put yourself down, you tried your best. And…it's the thought that counts, not the horrible, vomit-inducing color."

"…" Tommy smiled as an idea hit him, and without a word he pushed Nikki out of the room and locked the door. The bassist just stood there, puzzled, but let Tommy do whatever his crazy idea was now. A few minutes later, the door opened, and Nikki couldn't help but chuckle.

"You know… the paint won't dry on the balloons, it'll just slide off and stain the floor." Yes, the drummer had quickly changed the sheets back to black, got rid of almost anything pink and threw paint onto the balloons, leaving only the cake intact. "But that's a cute thing to do…"

Tommy finally grinned like his normal self, wrapping his arms around Nikki and kissing him. "I love you."

"Yeah… I'm well aware of that." Nikki allowed his more affectionate side to show for a moment, snuggling closer into the embrace. "And I love you too, my idiot."


"Tommy, it's an endearing nickname. Would you like me to call you 'baby'?"

"… Okay… at least I didn't get pink unicorns…"
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