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DuffIzzy - Alternatives

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Izzy has to make sure Duff doesn't worsen his neck problems.

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Izzy walked into the apartment he was sharing with Duff, just sighing when he saw the blond on the couch. The problem wasn't him being there, it was the laptop resting on his legs and the bassist leaning forward uncomfortably to type. Duff's neck was bad enough just from him being so tall, he didn't need to worsen it by doing that.
Putting down the bags of shopping he'd brought home, Izzy silently went up behind the bassist, setting his hands on his shoulders and massaging softly. "Duffy, do you want your neck pains to kill you?"

"Oh…" Duff leaned back, looking up at Izzy and smiling nervously. "Hey… um… I'm almost finishing?"

"You need to get a better position to work in, or at least get yourself a desk… work on the table… something like that." He pouted, wrapping his arms around Duff and kissing his cheek, before taking the laptop away.

"Hey, I was working on that."

"You're not anymore." Izzy sat on Duff's lap, smiling. "I'm just making sure you're okay… you're always leaning down for everything and it causes you pain, instead of just accepting it, try to find an alternative. If you don't even try, next time you complain you can't sleep because your neck hurts, I'll just tell you to shut up instead of kissing you."

"Awws." The bassist nuzzled him gently. "I'll need help for alternatives."

"Yes, buy a desk and a decent pillow, and we'll talk about it."
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