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DuffIzzy - Tension

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Izzy's tense, Duff tries to help.

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Izzy leaned his head back, looking up at Duff as the blond's hands massaged his shoulders to try and drive away some of the tension. He sighed, pulling away from the touch and turning to face the bassist. "I'm not built for this, Duff." Izzy's voice was low, somewhat sad, too.

"Shut up." Duff wrapped his arms around the smaller man's middle, pulling him close. "You're doing fine every night… and… you always say you like to travel. And you have me here."

"Duffy…" The rhythm guitarist closed his eyes, resting against the taller man's chest. "It's not about moving all the time, being on the road… but we need some rest. We have all these scheduled things, and no time for ourselves. Did you see how many beautiful cities we went through on this tour, but didn't get to look around because we had an interview or arrived late and left early, or something of the kind? I feel trapped with all these schedules and things being thrown around for us to do… it feels… wrong."

"That's why you're this tense… you'll hurt yourself if you put your guitar's weight on a shoulder this hardened, Iz." Duff kissed his cheek, letting his lips rest there for a while, before slowly sliding them down and kissing him on the lips. "We'll be home soon. And on the next tour… I don't know, we can work it out for more days off and trips around."

"… At least you and Slash get to go out more…" Izzy kissed back, his hands resting on Duff's hips, before slowly circling them. "Do you think… Axl's going to agree?"

"You know him better than anyone else, Iz."

"Okay, we're fucked. But I think we can get a day or two of rest… and you'll go out with me?"

"Always." Duff smiled, nodding. "Now get back on that chair and let me loosen your muscles, or else you'll end up in a hospital before plans can be made."
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