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MickVince - Forever

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Vince comes back to Mick.

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"… Mick?" Vince asked softly, opening the door to the guitarist's bedroom. He sat down beside the bed, sighing softly when he saw Mick was asleep. He'd knocked and rang the doorbell, but when no one answered, he used the key Mick had given him years ago. Before he left. Or was fired. Whichever.

After some time, he hesitantly reached out his hand, running his fingers through the dark hair that was messy and all over the pillow now. Without noticing, he started humming softly, before singing lowly. "I made you lose your smile, now I'm losing you…"

"Is it too late?" Mick asked, opening his eyes, making the blond pull his hand back in surprise and blush darkly.

"I… I'm sorry! I knocked and… you didn't answer… uh… I still have the key." He said the last part in a very low voice, looking down so his hair would fall over his face and hide the blush.

"Vince." The dark haired reached over, taking his hand. "I heard you."

"… Stupid… don't pretend to be asleep!" He whined again. "I say embarrassing stuff, okay?" Then, he blinked, looking at his hand and Mick's. Slowly, he intertwined their fingers, his cheeks light pink.

"It isn't too late, right?"

"N-no. I mean… it's… yeah… no." Vince smiled, lying down and snuggling close to Mick. "I'm sorry."

"Shut up." Mick smiled back softly, pecking the blond's lips. "I got your record… just thought you should know. That's why I recognized the song…"

"Oh… I… thanks…"

"Without you, there's nothing left for me."

"Oh baby, can't you see? Together we will be… forever." Vince closed his eyes, smiling softly. This… was strange, but good. Kind of easier than what he'd expected.
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