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DuffIzzy - Worry

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Izzy worries about Duff's drinking.

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Izzy blinked a few times, getting adjusted to the dark so he could walk through the terribly messy room without falling over a guitar or stepping on glass, before slowly making his way to the bed. Yawning softly, he slipped under the covers, wrapping his arms around Duff's waist from behind, his chest now touching the other's back. Closing his eyes, he nuzzled the blond's neck, kissing it gently. "Good night, Duffy."

"Night… Iz…" Duff mumbled sleepily, making the dark haired smile. That was expected, the bassist tended to wait for him to actually sleep, unless he were dead-drunk and just passed out. The guitarist sighed at the thought, lowering his head onto the pillow. He also drank a lot, so he couldn't really say anything about Duff, but he had a bad feeling about that. He was just drinking more and more, even Izzy could see it was dangerous. Well, he always could, he just didn't really care much. But when it was Duff, and not himself…

He shook his head, yawning again. It wasn't good to think of that, they'd be okay… they were alive until now, and Duff could survive quite a bit. Yeah. It would be fine.
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