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DuffIzzy - Scent

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Duff and Izzy have a little peaceful moment, away from big cities and trouble.

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Izzy's head was gently tucked under Duff's chin, the blond holding him close – almost protectively – as he rested. They had some days off from any gigs, and decided to relax, both getting their bikes and going to what was, pretty much, the middle of nowhere. It was Izzy's idea, actually. He was tired of the constant buzz of vehicles, the smoke and bad air in the city, no moment of peace and people walking in and interrupting them on just about everything. Phones ringing, voices, the TV turned on all the time… it was all so tiring.

Now they were on some peaceful, quiet, grassy hills Izzy had found while travelling around. The sun wasn't too hot, just a pleasant warmth with the soft breeze, and there were a few trees around. The two were resting under one of those, Duff watching the clouds and enjoying the view while Izzy kept his eyes closed, just inhaling the scent of Duff and nature. He smiled, the blond actually had a very good smell… and here the air was clean enough for him to not be distracted by the smell of everything else and just focus on his lover.

He moved his head, so now his face was resting against the side of Duff's neck, his lips gently pressed to the skin. The blond could feel his smile, and ran a gentle hand through his hair. "What are you doing, Izzy?"

"You smell good…" He mumbled softly, not an exact reply to the question but it was enough. "Note to self, get you to come out here more often."

Duff chuckled softly, leaning his head back against the tree trunk. "You smell good, too."
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