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DuffIzzy - Protective

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Izzy's hurt, Duff doesn't like it.

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Duff was just looking out the window, smoking his cigarette when he felt warmth on his back and familiar hands resting on his hips. He leaned his head to the side, exposing his neck as Izzy kissed over it gently. From how light the kisses were, he could tell there was something wrong, even if Izzy was normally gentle.

He set his cigarette down and turned around to face the rhythm guitarist, kissing him. "What's wrong, Iz?"

"Shut up, Duff." Izzy kissed back, wrapping his arms around the blond's neck. He didn't want to talk about it now, but if Duff took some time to properly look at him, he'd notice. Shaking his thoughts off for now, the dark haired closed his eyes and leaned completely into the kiss, feeling Duff's warm, wet tongue run over his lips, before the contact was deepened and soon they were caught in a tongue dance – too soft and loving to be called a battle.

After what seemed like a very long time, they finally parted lips, the blond touching his forehead to Izzy's and looking at him. A moment later, he frowned, pulling away to have a better look. Izzy had a light bruise over his eyebrow and a cut on his lip, but something told him there was more. Running his hands down the dark haired man's chest, he opened his shirt and sighed. More bruises, much darker ones.

"Who did this?"

"It wasn't Axl, if you're thinking that." The dark haired quickly said, caressing Duff's cheek with his palm. "I… I got into a fight, it's not important. Just leave it, okay?" As if Duff would ever drop that, yeah right.

"Not even he would do that to you…" That probably wasn't true because Axl could get really aggressive and blank out, but he wouldn't do something so bad to Izzy if he weren't provoked or had a good reason. Knowing the dark haired, he wasn't stupid enough to provoke Axl and had no reason to be hurt by him. A small growl came from his throat as he thought about killing whatever person dared hurt Izzy.

"It's not that bad, Duffy." Izzy insisted, running a hand through the blond's hair and kissing his cheek. "Just… distract me from it?" He looked over at the cigarette that was no longer useful, taking a new one from his pocket and lighting it. He took a drag from it and kissed Duff softly, then handed the cigarette to him, feeling the blond's free hand stroking his back comfortingly. "Careful with the shoulders." He said softly, those were also quite bruised.

"Still going to kill the guy who did this…" Duff whispered, kissing Izzy's forehead.
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