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DuffIzzy - Missing You

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Duff feels lonely and wants to spend some time with Izzy.

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"Why am I always stuck with the damn cookies...?" Izzy whined, cleaning up his after-Christmas cookie dishes. You see, he was the most decent cook out of all five of the band, so he and Duff did all the Christmas food. Still, he taught Steven how to make cookies and the other could actually do them. Still, he claimed they weren't as good and Izzy always ended up being the one to bake the sweets. Maybe his were better because he used his family's secret recipe, but he wanted a break.

"Let Axl do the dishes when he and Slash finish making out on the couch." Duff wrapped his arms around the dark haired from behind, kissing the back of his neck gently. "Everyone stole you away from me this Christmas, I want some time with my cute little Iz."

"Duff... don't." Izzy squirmed, getting away from his lover's arms and pouting, his cheeks bright pink. "I need to finish the dishes, at least so we can have the house clean for two seconds before Steven throws his dirty laundry on the kitchen sink..."

"I'm cuter than the dishes." The blond trapped him in a hug again, smiling. "Let Axl do that... and you stress yourself over too many things. Let's get a beer, go to the room and cuddle as we drink and be hopelessly romantics and complete idiots with lame jokes?"

"... If you put it like that..." Izzy chuckled, shaking his head and wrapping his arms around Duff's neck, leaning up to kiss him. "I get the beer, find some cigarettes. I need a smoke."

"Good." Duff grinned, playfully biting Izzy's lower lip before going to get the cigarettes. He missed Izzy when they were awake - all he'd had the last week was a sleeping, cute rhythm guitarist in his arms but they needed to spend more time together when both are awake. In a few minutes, they were back in the bedroom, the blond comfortably settled on the dirty, torn mattress as he brought the smaller man into his arms, kissing his cheek and stealing the open beer. "Mine."

"Me or your drinks?" Izzy smiled, snuggling close. He parted his lips softly as Duff put a cigarette to them, and held it between his fingers as the other lit it for him. Maybe leaving the dishes back wasn't that bad.
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