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TommyNikki - Cherries

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Tommy feeds Nikki cherries on a Christmas morning.

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Nikki woke up to a warm, comfortable bed, being all wrapped up in blankets and feeling familiar human heat next to him. Still, there was something cold on his lips, like an object. He groaned, opening an eye to see Tommy's blinding, but beautiful, smile. Then, he noticed the other was holding a cherry to his lips, and couldn't help the soft blush that spread over his cheeks as he opened his mouth and gladly ate the fruit.

"Merry Christmas! And good morning, too." The taller kissed him gently, letting it last for some time - soft, gentle kisses were good in the morning, and later on they'd probably have not-so-innocent touches, so balance was always good. "I already put some more presents under the tree for you, and I was good and didn't open mine yet." He snuggled close, eating one cherry from the pot, and feeding another one to Nikki.

"Hopeless romantic... you and your delicious cherries in the morning..." Nikki chuckled softly, accepting the other fruit and closing his eyes. "Still early?"

"Well, I think 10am is early." He smiled, licking a last piece of cherry off Nikki's lips and snuggling close. "I'll wait until you're awake enough for us to open presents, but being patient is hard..."

"Hard..." The elder smirked, shaking his head at the thought he had. It wasn't really his fault, he had a dirty mind. Also, Tommy probably bought a whole sex shop for Christmas just to try new things out and see what helped make their sex better - not that it needed that, Tommy alone was very creative and good in bed.

"Nik, think dirty after you open the presents. Now it's cuddling time, I want to feed you more cherries." Tommy nuzzled his neck gently, smiling and getting more fruits.

"You just want to see me suck the fruit off the pit... but cherries are good and you're comfortable... so I guess I can do that."
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