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Slaxl - Christmas Eve

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Slash and Axl, a romantic dinner on Christmas eve.

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Axl blushed, looking away as Slash took his hand. It was Christmas Eve and the guitarist managed to get some money for pieces of chicken that even had seasoning, a small tree and some lights that made for a half-assed decoration. How he got it, no one knew, but there was also some beer. He said it was a waste to have it all alone and asked the singer to spend the night there so they could make each other company. Still, this wasn't just a friendly dinner because it all seemed so romantic, and specially prepared... so it counted as a date, at least in Axl's mind.

Now, he'd been to many dates with girls, but Slash wasn't a girl, he wasn't picked up from a party or bar, and they were aready very close. It made the redhead let his shy side out, being with his guitarist and one of his best friends this way. Sure, they hadn't fucked and it seemed all gentle and slow - maybe it was the feeling of something more than sexual that made him so shy. His heart was beating fast as his mind went through all possiblities. Maybe all this was for Slash to get him in bed, but it seemed so sincere... maybe there were real feelings involved.

Axl was really hoping it was true, what he was led to believe. Just as he turned back to look at Slash, he felt the other's lips against his own in a soft kiss. Involuntarily, his eyes closed and he leaned in, kissing back as his arms wrapped themselves around Slash's neck. The guitarist wrapped his own around Axl's lower back, pulling him closer to himself. Both had bright red cheeks when they broke apart, and the singer ran a hand through Slash's hair, pulling it away from his face so the could look into each other's eyes.

They remained like that for some time, before Axl rested his head on Slash's chest and closed his eyes, smiling as he heard the guitarist's heart beating in time with his own. "Slash?"

"Hm?" Slash blinked, looking at him. For a moment he forgot the singer was supposed to say something, it was just cute to see him being shy and affectionate. It also made the guitarist feel more confident.

"Leave me and I'll rip out your intestines and use them to strangle you..." Axl yawned cutely, snuggling closer into his arms. "Merry Christmas."

"Don't worry, Ax." The dark haired smiled, kissing his forehead. "Yeah... merry Christmas..."
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