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DuffIzzy - Hey, Duff...

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Izzy's insecurities don't let Duff sleep.

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Izzy smiled as he lay his head down on Duff's chest, listening to his heartbeat as the bassist stroked his hair gently. "Hey, Duff?"

"Yes, Iz?"

"Do you think the band's going to go somewhere? Like… not only another failure local band? I know we click and all… and the music's good… but I don't know about fans, if other people are going to like it…"

"Don't worry… this band is going to be something, I know that much. We're not going to be a forgotten local band who broke up after the first few years because nothing went right." Duff chuckled, kissing his forehead.

"Yeah…" He nodded, closing his eyes. It would be good if the band got them food and stuff like that, enough money and enough fans. Still, he didn't want to be the most famous band around or anything; that could be troublesome. "Hey, Duff…"


"Are you happy?" Izzy ran his hand gently over Duff's stomach, then just started tracing invisible circles there. "Even if living like this can be shit at times, I mean…"

"I'm happy like this… could be better, but the band's growing… music is good, and I have you with me." Duff hummed gently, that touch was good, and relaxing. He was already sleepy, it would help him rest.

"Me, too." The dark haired smiled more, it was a good thing to know. He wanted Duff to be happy, and the blond deserved happiness, too. "Hey, Duff…?"

The blond yawned, half-opening his eyes to look at Izzy now. "Yeah...?"

"If we're ever really famous… will we still be together? Not saying we'll be the world's biggest band or stuff, but the kind of famous when the media's all over… it would be hard to keep this kind of relationship."

"Do you really think I'd leave you for fame? I love you, and I won't let any media shit come between us." Duff smiled, yawning again and letting his eyes close, thinking he'd finally be able to sleep. But after some moments of silence…

"Hey, Duff?"

"Whaat?" The blond groaned, he was almost asleep by then and Izzy just made him stay awake.

"Just wanted to say I love you, too. Now you can sleep."
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