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DuffIzzy - Coming Home

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Duff comes back from the war.

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It had been an age since he'd left all he knew back at home – his family, his lover, his music and friends – and was sent to a situation he'd only read of in books. War wasn't pretty, one can't imagine how hard it is to lose your friends and companions through each battle, watch them fall as mutilated, bloody bodies, lifeless on a dirty ground. The smell of blood and death all around you, the pain both in your heart and on your body, and the pressure of moving on. There was only one thing he knew now – he had to live long enough to get home.

When the day for that did come, he was more than relieved. He bid goodbye to each of his friends who stayed for more battles, knowing it may be his last time seeing them, and finally left that place. He couldn't deny his nervousness, it seemed so long since he'd last seen those he cared for, it made him wonder what changes they went through, what they had left out of letters, how they were… if they would recognize him like this. He knew he changed a lot, the experience of what he went through left a permanent mark, and with the war he grew up. He just hoped he hadn't changed to the point that they wouldn't see him as the same person.

Taking in a deep breath, he let a small smile grace his lips as he got off the plane. This air was much better than the air of the battlefield, it seemed so pure… there wasn't that terrible scent of rotting corpses. His smile could only grow as he saw everyone waiting for him, a few tears coming to his eyes. Before a word could be said, he felt familiar arms wrapping around his neck, and a kiss on his lips. Kissing back, he wrapped his arms around the other man's waist, letting a tear fall then.

"Duffy… my Duffy…" Izzy whispered, running a hand through his hair and smiling. "You're back, you're really here…" He was crying, too, to have Duff back and safe was all he wished for in the last couple of years. Each night he went to sleep with worry and woke with fear of losing him to the war, but now he could finally get a peaceful night of sleep.

"Yeah, Iz… I'm back home." Duff smiled, kissing him again. "I missed you so much… all of you." He looked over at his friends and his brothers and sisters, motioning for them to come over. Before he knew it, he was trapped in a big group hug. The worry about what they'd think about him now was gone, it just felt so normal and natural… being home was good.
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