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DuffIzzy - Surprise

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Duff surprises Izzy, with a little help from Axl and Steven.

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Izzy blinked as he walked into the room, tilting his head. He came only to get his guitar, but there was something strange. A sweet, light smell… and a box on his bed. It was small, round and wooden, with a light green present bow on that. It wasn't Axl's, because there wouldn't be a reason for it and the redhead had spent the whole day cuddling with Slash on the couch, since he was in an affectionate mood. That also disqualified Slash.

And it wasn't from Steven, there would be absolutely no reason for it, he hadn't even made cookies or anything… then again, the drummer was an affectionate ball of fluff. Still, it was too well-done, too cute and carefully prepared… Duff? Izzy now had to think why the bassist would ever do that. Of course his reasoning of this side of the problem wasn't as clear as the rest, since that tall, sometimes annoying, invasive, cute, huggable blond had already stolen his heart and mind. Not that the guitarist would admit it, but the thought of it made his heart skip a beat.

Eyeing the box carefully, he took slow steps forwards, inspecting it. There was a small note on top of the box, perfectly folded, to the right of the biggest tie. He opened that, blinking at the handwriting. A rather rushed one, but still very readable, saying "It's not much, but I hope you enjoy this."

Shaking his head, he set the note down on his pillow and opened the box, blinking again when he saw it's contents. Cut paper, from magazines, forming something probably meant to look like a nest, and a heart made of blue glass at one edge. There were also three star-shaped chocolates, and a few coffee candies. But the thing that really caught his eye was the origami rose and a heart-shaped card, which was folded in half so it looked like half a heart. Something told him that was intentional.

On closer inspection, he could also notice the person was not experienced at origami, at all, but tried their best for this. And the half heart… well, he should open that. He did so, blushing at the message. That was…

"Steven said you liked me… Axl confirmed it." Duff wrapped his arms around Izzy, making the other squeak in surprise and blush more. He smiled, kissing the dark haired softly, before he could protest at all, one of his hands massaging Izzy's shoulders so he'd relax faster. It worked, and the blond felt him kissing back. Unfortunately, as soon as the guitarist noticed what he was doing, he whined and pulled back, not managing to escape but hiding his face in Duff's chest.

"Duffy… that's… uh…" He pouted, looking up at the blond for a moment. "I don't know… I do… uh, no…"

"Shh, it's okay." Duff smiled, kissing his forehead and holding him close. "Think, I'll just hold you, I guess I surprised you… but I do really like you a lot~"
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