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TommyNikki - Civilization

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Mötley go camping, get lost, and Tommy still manages to get shot, leaving Nikki to take care of him.

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Nikki sighed, running a hand through his hair and looking over at Tommy. The drummer got into a fight with some guys, probably hunters, and they ended up shooting him… now his arm was almost useless. Of course, who had the great idea of going camping at the last spot a person had even been able to reach?

It happened when one of them – Nikki couldn't be bothered to remember who, but it was probably Vince… or Tommy – suggested they go camping. Of course, they chose the hardest spot ever. Their guide abandoned them in the middle of the way, Mick fell into one of the many rivers they had to cross by foot and hurt himself, Nikki's right shoulder was shit because of the weight of the bag, Vince had a cold and wouldn't stop bitching about anything and everything… And Tommy managed to get himself shot. Not to mention they managed to forget tools, plates and cups, and this place was full of ticks. And it was uncomfortable to sleep… and their food was running out.

At the moment, Mick had dragged Vince off to get themselves fruits or any edible plants, and maybe find civilization to save them. Nikki had made up some excuse to stay, and Mick also wouldn't trust Vince to take good care of Tommy. Well, they'd end up fighting and getting in trouble, so Nikki was the best for this, anyway.

"Nikki… I'm thirsty…" Tommy whined, talking normally really wasn't an option. He'd taken painkillers, but being shot hurt like bitch. At least they did have clean water from the streams, they wouldn't run out of that anytime soon. The elder would normally protest to being ordered around, but letting a fellow band-mate die of thirst was cruel even for him. Well, unless Vince pissed him off too much, then he'd consider it. So in a matter of seconds, Nikki managed to get a small bottle filled with water and gently made Tommy sit up, letting him drink as much as necessary. "Thanks…"

"You're welcome." Nikki nodded, looking around again. Trees, trees, birds and trees. If they ever did manage to get back to civilization, they'd be starved, thinner than paper, and out of practice. Or maybe they could kill and eat each other, but he didn't know if that would be good. Vince would probably taste bad, Tommy was too thin to eat and Mick would kill him first.

And so hours passed, no one was sure how long it was since there weren't any clocks around. The woods at night could get cold, so Nikki quickly led Tommy into the tent, going to exit when the other's good hand held his wrist.

"Nikki, I'm cold…" Tommy made his cutest puppy eyes, and even the bassist couldn't resist those. He hated the fact Tommy could be too cute to even make him say yes, and hated that the other was hurt and made him feel worried… yeah.

"… Just this time." He mumbled, lying down beside Tommy and feeling the other's healthy arm wrap around him, pulling him closer. He couldn't deny Tommy was comfortable, and much warmer than his thin blanket… and no, his heart was not beating faster when the drummer kissed his forehead, or at least that's what he'd like to believe. Still, he relaxed, snuggling close and even smiling for a moment. Everything was different in seconds, it was weird… maybe being lost here with Tommy wasn't that bad. And just when he did smile, he heard the click of a camera.

"We found civilization!" Came Vince's call from outside, completely cutting their moment. Worse than that, Mick had them cuddling on camera. Oh, he had to kill someone now, fuck civilization or safety.
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