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DuffIzzy - Candy

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Izzy steals the last candy, Duff wants it back.

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Izzy sometimes wondered why he still played this kind of game with Duff, but other times it was just obvious. It wasn't because of the game itself, nor because of Duff's legs – which he always showed by wearing small shorts most times, nor because he just loved spending time with the blond. Well, all of those were true, but Duff's sad face was absolutely adorable. His pout, those puppy eyes and just the way he looked like that…

And that's why, every time they had some kind of game, Izzy stole the last candy. It was rightfully Duff's, since the blond bought the package, and he just needed to be the one to eat the last candy, but Izzy was too fast. So now they were outside, by some improvised table with what may have been supposed to be food, at some point in time, with the pouting blond and the grinning rhythm guitarist, who'd just put the most precious candy to his mouth.

But this time, Izzy was feeling evil, so he stuck his tongue out, the sweet balanced on it. "If you want it, come and get it~" Of course, he didn't expect Duff to do that, so it was a complete surprise when the other's lips melted against his. He had to hold himself back not to moan as Duff's tongue gently ran over his, and explored his mouth… before he pulled back with a smirk. That's when Izzy noticed that the candy was gone from his mouth. "Damn it, Duffy!"

"Got my candy back."
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