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DuffIzzy - Confessions

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Duff confesses to Izzy, who needs to find a way passed his shy ways to tell Duff his own feelings.

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"Duff, I… I need some time… I mean… yeah…" Izzy blushed darkly, running out of the room where he'd been talking to Duff. They had been just sharing a drink, and the next moment, the blond had confessed to him. His mind was still processing that last bit of information. It was so hard to believe, but all the feeling showed in Duff's eyes and his words were so sincere, it was hard to even consider it a lie. Maybe it was the truth in it that scared the rhythm guitarist, because he wasn't sure of his own feelings. Sure, Duff could be ridiculously cute and sweet, and he was hot, had pretty eyes, awesome legs, good fingers, was talented, had a good voice, and a wonderful personality… but love, that was one thing that scared Izzy of this.

He needed to think over that, a lot. But that would be for later, now he was busy hiding in Slash's closet – the best hiding place, and it was empty -, blushing like mad and trying to calm his heartbeat, his heart seemingly wanting to just jump out of his chest. Not to mention his breathing wasn't quite right, and he felt a little weak at the knees. His head was spinning as Duff's words repeated themselves over and over to him, making it unable to actually think much.

Taking in a deep breath, Izzy sat down in the closet, resting his head on his knees. "Duffy…" He whined softly, closing his eyes. Trying to think like this was giving him a headache, and his emotions were officially a mess. He probably wouldn't be out of the closet for quite some time.

A few days went by, and Izzy hadn't talked to Duff at all, rehearsal sessions being quite awkward for them both as messages were just passed through the others, the rhythm guitarist actually coming in and going out without saying a word to anyone. It was just before playing a big arena that Izzy had finally come to his decision, and now was the 'how' factor.

He had the option of going to Duff and just saying it, but he'd probably freeze or faint if he tried that. Another option was go and kiss him, but that would result in running and hiding a second later. After thinking over lots of ways to do it, Izzy decided on a note. So now he was sitting on top of an amp, backstage before the show, thinking of what to do with the note in his hand while smoking a cigarette to calm himself.

Handing it to Duff wasn't an option, and if he had any of the other guys do it, they'd just read it to themselves before taking it to the blond, and freak out, thus ruining the concert. That brought another question, to do it before or after going onstage? Before could result in leaving them both expecting more later and maybe not enjoying the night to it's fullest, but waiting until later would just get Izzy's nerves so tense…

In the end, he decided to put the note between the strings of one the bass guitars Duff would use for the night, and just hope he'd find it and read it at a right time. And with luck it wouldn't interfere with the show at all.

Still, he was nervous as hell, and Axl seemed to notice that as they prepared to take the stage. He didn't even hear what the other asked him, probably if he was feeling well, just nodding softly and concentrating on his guitar, looking down all the time. He definitely wouldn't look at Duff now, and hopefully he'd get into the mood of the concert and forget his worries for some time. Another thing he just didn't get about this whole situation was why he was so nervous about telling the blond if he already knew Duff loved him, but maybe it was natural nervousness. Or maybe it was just him overreacting again.

The concert high soon engulfed him like a wave, and his last worry was Duff, at least as they were on stage. It was really a relief to feel like this, not to mention the crowd was great and they also played well, in his opinion, probably one of their best shows. Of course, as soon as that ended, he went to hide behind the amps. His heart was pounding, and he wasn't sure if it was still from the excitement of the show or the nervousness about Duff.

While Izzy got lost in his own thoughts, Duff found him, sneaking up behind him and hugging him close, making the other let out a small surprised squeak. He chuckled, nuzzling the rhythm guitarist's neck, practically feeling his blush. "I love you, Iz."

"… I… love you too." Izzy blushed more, turning around and kissing Duff, wrapping his arms around the other's neck. "Does this mean we're…"

"Well, if you'd like that… then yes." The blond smiled, before leaning down again, kissing Izzy one more time and making this one last longer than the first. They had a lot to talk about later, but for now they were still high on all the energy from the concert, and they both had plans on using up all that energy together.

Now, let's leave them to their privacy, shall we?
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