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TommyNikki - Six Months

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Tommy prepares something special for their six months together.

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"Tommy, what the hell?" Nikki twitched, a slight blush on his cheeks as he looked over the room. The normally trashed and stinky place was clean, and the bed had red sheets… there was the best quality alcoholic drinks around, strawberries, chocolate, and a table set with what looked and smelled like actual food. On the bed, Tommy was sitting innocently and with a smile on his face, holding a heart-shaped present box.

"Wanted to do something special for our six months~ so I got Mick to take Vince shopping for the day…" The taller grinned, setting the box on the bed and hugging Nikki, kissing him. "And prepared this."

"W…" Nikki blinked, he felt like slapping himself, thankfully he'd gotten Tommy something before this… but forgetting about their six months, the other would probably kill him. He smiled, then, kissing back. "Well… it's… a lot. Thanks."

"It's not much. I got you a present, too." The taller held sat down on the bed, bringing Nikki onto his lap and getting the box. He handed it to the bassist, his face showing he was really exited about Nikki's reaction.

Nikki took the box, not wasting much time in opening it because he was curious, and he knew Tommy was really impatient and loved to see the reactions when someone got a present they liked. "Wow…" He blinked, inside there was a silver necklace and a ring, probably also silver. The necklace had a pendant that opened, and inside there was a photo of them together, while the ring had their names carved on the inside.

"Do you like it? I know it's not much, but~" Tommy would be jumping up and down if the bassist weren't in his lap now, his eyes like a puppy wanting to receive a treat from their master.

"Idiot…" Nikki chuckled, wrapping his arms around the other's neck and kissing him, but pulling back before they ran out of air. "I love it." He could almost feel the other's gigantic grin as he set the box aside and was pinned to the bed, and kissed deeply. He could give Tommy his present later, it was hidden somewhere, for now he'd enjoy this… because there was no way the drummer would let him escape long enough to find the present, too. But Tommy had seriously done too much and still thought it was little… and the room was over-romantic, too. Well, had to expect that.
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