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DuffIzzy - Moving Out

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Duff and Izzy have to break the news of their relationship and their plans to get a new place to live together.

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Izzy chuckled softly, putting on just a touch of black eyeliner. He'd been helping his mother in the kitchen since early morning, because Duff would be staying with them for a week and Mrs. Isbell insists on cooking and baking all possible for their guests – even more when she thinks they're too thin.

The year before, Izzy had a big problem with anorexia, and ended up in the hospital. Since then, his mother makes sure he eats all the meals, and does the same to his friends and brothers when they come over. Thanks to hers and Duff's support, he'd slowly gotten better, and now was very healthy again.

There was just one secret that Izzy never really told her, aside from the obvious little secrets that everyone keeps from their parents because they just don't need to be made public. While he was recovering from his eating problems, he and Duff started dating and their relationship continued in secret up until now, with them spending a week or two at the other's house every month.

But now, Duff had suggested they move in together, which meant getting off their asses and stop living with their moms, as well as opening the relationship to their families. It was hard for both to do that, but they could just hope things would go well. If they were thrown out of their houses, at least they already had plans to move.

A familiar call from the front door made Izzy tear himself from his thoughts – and the mirror – and practically fly to answer it, thankful that the others were in different parts of the house when the blond's arms wrapped around him, and they shared a soft kiss.

"I missed you, Duffy." The smaller smiled, hugging him in return and resting his head on Duff's chest. "Mom is cooking for a million people again, and my brothers aren't even around…" He chuckled softly, snuggling.

"Missed you, too." Duff smiled back, glad to have Izzy close again. He knew they'd have to untangle themselves from each other soon, when Mrs. Isbell noticed he was around and came to greet him, but it seemed like an age since he'd last held his boyfriend close. They could just see themselves for those short times per month, or if they had some chance to meet quickly through the other weeks, and that really could be hard because both were very affectionate when together. To be apart so much was like torture.

They just stayed like that until a happy cry came from the kitchen as Izzy's mother noticed the new presence in the house. In the short time she used to wash her hands from cooking and dry them, they shared a last, quick kiss before moving apart.

"Oh my God!" Mrs. Isbell smiled happily, hugging Duff and taking a moment to look at him. "Duff, dear, you're so thin! You have to eat something now. I made your favorite cookies and some cakes… or maybe you'd like some real food first? Lunch is almost ready."

The blond hugged back, grinning. "Thanks, I guess I'll wait for lunch…" Usually, he'd try to convince her not to exhaust herself in the kitchen every time he went there, but after the last twenty times he noticed it really wouldn't do anything to change her mind. Also, she loved cooking, and her food was good…

In a matter of minutes, the table was set and they were all sitting down, a gigantic meal set out in front of them. Izzy's father was out working, his brothers had all moved out from their mother's house already, so there were only the three of them there to eat. Izzy always ate the normal for any human being to function, basically, while Duff could eat a lot more. He was taller and was constantly doing exercise, and he didn't really gain weight even if he ate an elephant for breakfast.

Still, they managed to eat most of the food, the rest being put away for random hungry hours, when someone needed to steal some food from the fridge. Mrs. Isbell already knew that it was best to keep food ready for that than have people attempting to cook at 3am.

"Uh, mom, we'd like to talk to you about something…" Izzy bit his lip, even if his dad wasn't here yet, he had just gotten the courage to speak and this had to be it. Later on he may not be able to say it, so they'd just see her reaction and then deal with his father and brothers.

"Yes, dear?" His mother blinked, sitting back down at the table and looking at him, worried. "Did anything bad happen? You seem nervous…"

"It's nothing to worry about, mom. It's just, I've been talking to Duff recently, and there's something we need to tell you…" The smaller took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself, feeling Duff place a comforting hand on his leg. "We're, well…"

"Together?" Mrs. Isbell smiled brightly, nodding. "Yes, dear, I know. Your father knows, too, but your brothers still don't. You don't have to be so nervous, we're happy for you." She hugged them both, her words catching them by surprise.

"But… I… we… how?" Izzy blushed, looking at Duff. Were they that obvious? "I mean, we never told anyone… and…"

"Well, you were single for so long, and then after you were at the hospital… Duff helped so much, he was always by your side… and then you two got extra close. Also, I still check on you every night while you sleep, I caught you two holding each other thousands of times." She smiled, kissing her son's forehead. "But I didn't want to say anything until you decided to talk about it."

"That's… and we were so nervous about it…" Duff smiled as well, glad things had turned out well. "But we were thinking… about moving in together, so we decided to talk to our parents so we didn't have to lie about the reason." Izzy nodded, hoping this part wouldn't bring a bad reaction. His mother always told him it was about time for him to move out, but they'd always lived together and she still treated him like her precious little kid.

"Well, that's a big step, and I'll miss having Jeff around the house… but it's about time he moved out, and I'm sure you two will be happy. And I'm glad you chose not to lie, that's very good." Mrs. Isbell smiled softly, nodding. "We can talk further about it on dinner, but I'm glad you told me and I'll support this decision. And you two are so cute together, I just need to say it."

Izzy blushed, looking down, snuggling when Duff wrapped his arms around him. He blinked, seeing his mother go to get a camera, and blushed more when the blond kissed him just in time for her to snap a picture.

"Mom! Duffy!" He whined, pouting. Well, she'd probably give them copies of the photo later and want them to hang it up in their house… but it wasn't so bad, maybe. At least he was glad they accepted Duff and him, the way they were.
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