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DuffIzzy - Serial Killer

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Slash and Axl are annoying Izzy, so he drugged the cookies.

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Axl and Slash had been fighting more than usual, and they were being particularly loud just when Izzy had fine ideas for a few new songs. Of course, he couldn't work at all with them making everything seem like more of a hell than it already was, so he used his secret weapon. He baked chocolate cookies.

Now, with the smell of freshly baked sweets from the kitchen, the other four came as fast as they could. Steven was given a handful of cookies, and he ran off with those, choosing to eat them in his room. Slash and Axl picked some off the plate Izzy offered them, silent just because the sweets were more distracting. Duff was tempted to get a few, too, but something told him he should wait.

"Axl, you should calm down a bit… you haven't slept right, try resting, maybe your headache will go away… and you two can talk things right, later." Izzy suggested, bright eyes looking at the other with an expression of complete innocence, as he usually appeared.

"But I'm not tired…" Axl protested, yawning a moment later and pouting. "Okay, maybe… I'll go to bed…" He glared at Slash, stealing one of his cookies and going to the room. To prove Duff right, a few minutes later, Slash fell back, asleep.

"You drugged the cookies." The blond chuckled, wrapping his arms around Izzy. "Tired of their loud fights?"

"Mm… just a few." The guitarist smiled, snuggling closer. "The cookies on the left side of the plate were with sleeping medicine, the others are okay. Want one~?"

"How should I know if you won't drug me, too?" Duff grinned, the cookies did smell good but he didn't want to fall asleep yet. Izzy just rolled his eyes, taking one of the cookies and eating half of it, placing the other half to the bassist's lips. He knew better than to drug himself, and maybe it would be good to have Duff awake with him. They could spend some time together, and also work on the songs…

"These are good." The blond licked his lips, nuzzling him. "But how did you get the ingredients?"

"No idea, Steven got them for me…" Izzy smiled, leaning his head on Duff's shoulder. "But the pills were just rolling around the house, I crushed a few and put them on a separate part of the dowel."

"Axl's going to find out if you keep drugging them both every time you're annoyed, you know…"

"I do this since we were back in Indiana, for safety reasons… he didn't find out yet. Then again, mom used to do the cookies… I just helped in the kitchen." He looked up innocently, as if he'd never done anything wrong.

"… You're like a boy who looks and sounds completely innocent, but is secretly planning a mass murder." Duff chuckled, it was true. But he was sure the other didn't have mass murders in mind, just getting things out of his way to be able to think for a moment. "You're not secretly planning to get rid of me, are you~?"

Izzy blinked, before smirking, kissing the other softly. "Nope, I don't want to get rid of you. You're too cute to be killed, and you're also a good pillow."

"That's good, I'm still planning on living until I'm twenty-nine." Duff kissed back, grinning. "But you do look innocent enough to be a serial killer."
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