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DuffIzzy - Throat Pains

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Izzy's throat is hurting badly, Duff takes care of him.

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Izzy leaned his head on Duff's shoulder, pouting and wincing when he got another pained throb from his throat. One thing was being silent and speaking only when needed or wanted, another was being unable to speak for most part. And Izzy could say, he really didn't like his throat hurting this much, it was a burning feeling, kind of like downing vodka or something, but lasting and with more pain than sting.

Worse was, they had a gig later. He couldn't even open his mouth without the air hurting his throat and breathing was somewhat difficult, to play he'd need his mouth to breathe, and to do the backing vocals. That would hurt, and it was the one show he wasn't looking forward to. He could just hope it wouldn't bother him onstage, and later on find some pills somewhere to deal with it.

Sighing for what seemed like the thousandth time, he closed his eyes. It hurt to swallow, to move, to do just about anything. This time it wasn't management or Axl, but the show might be cancelled. If you think a normal hurting throat is bad, you haven't seen the start of it.

"Du... ffy… wa… ter…" He managed to choke out. It would hurt to swallow the water, and he just found out he should talk more normally, it was quite a pleasurable activity when your throat isn't swelling in, out, and trying to make you scream in pain at every move – but you can't scream because that would hurt too much.

It didn't take half a minute, and Duff gave him a cup of water. They were keeping water by the bed because Izzy needed it every some minutes, and the room was better than the kitchen. It was hotter, and now, the colder the water was, the worse it would be to swallow it. These are the times you mentally note yourself that hot water isn't all that bad, even if it doesn't taste quite like… water.

"I'll see if I get you some pills for this… I think I have some money for that. You should rest, Iz… try sleeping, and I'll stay here until you're comfortable enough." The blond kissed Izzy's forehead, gently stroking his hair. As soon as the other fell into some hopefully comfortable sleep, he'd leave and buy pills or anything that could help that pain to go away.

"T… tha… nks…" The smaller almost whimpered in pain, but the sound didn't come out at all. He just rested against Duff, waiting for sleep to come. Now all he could do was hope for that pain to go away very soon, and for Axl and/or management not to try and murder him.
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