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DuffIzzy - Tired

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Izzy falls asleep while watching a movie with Duff.

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Izzy rested his head on the crook of Duff's neck, closing his eyes and letting himself be more distracted by the other's hands stroking his hair and skin so comfortingly than the film they were supposed to be watching. Not that the film wasn't entertaining, but Duff was a comfortable pillow and his gentle touches now were making the smaller so calm he was just not paying attention to anything else.

He purred softly, kissing the blond's neck and smiling against his skin. "I'm kind of tired…" He muttered, hands resting on his lap as he leaned more against Duff, who wrapped both arms around him and held him close.

"Then sleep… the film's almost over, I'll carry you back to bed." The taller whispered, kissing Izzy's shoulder and pulling a blanket around them both. He let one of his hands slide up again, stroking Izzy's hair as he watched the end of the movie.

"Hm… sorry for this, but I…" The smaller yawned, interrupting his sentence, before continuing. "I blame… whoever made me walk… don't remember… 'Night." He snuggled closer, and soon was peacefully asleep, not even noticing the bridge exploding with a fair amount of noise on the TV.

"'Night, Izzy." Duff smiled, reminding himself to tell Izzy he was absolutely adorable the next day. "No matter how many times you fall asleep when we watch films, it's always cute…" He chuckled softly, turning off the television and carefully carrying the smaller man to their bedroom, holding him close on the bed and soon joining him in sleep.
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