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DuffIzzy - Warm and Fuzzy

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Izzy writes in his diary about his kissing history.

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My first kiss? I was still a child, and Axl and I were hiding from a thunderstorm. It was cold, we were completely soaked and we weren't in nearly enough clothing to protect us from getting sick if we didn't warm up, and soon. I remembered seeing some movies and reading about cold times, and that two people could warm up with body heat, so I'd explained it to him and we were practically stuck to each other. As innocent children, we only knew what we'd seen and also wouldn't know the difference between what to do and what to not do, and most of the warming scenes we saw were with couples – and kisses. So innocently, we pressed our lips together to see if it helped at all. It took a moment of silence, until he said something.

"Still cold, but my tummy feels… warm and fuzzy, like with butterflies in it…" He muttered, looking kind of confused. I felt the same, so I nodded in approval. That's the kind of thing you feel in a new experience, and even if we didn't know what we were doing, that was the innocent first kiss that made us feel weird and kind of dizzy. For many years to come, I wondered why I never felt 'warm and fuzzy' when I kissed some girl or even another guy. Finally, I came to the conclusion it was only on a first kiss, or just children felt that when they didn't know what they were doing in truth. I only felt that again on a bike, until…

Until I met this guy. My first impression of him was 'some weird, tall punk with short blue hair'. After some time and a few conversations, Axl moved into LA with me, we formed a band, and guess who ended up as our bassist? Now I thought of him as 'some weird, tall punk with half-length blond-stained-black hair who plays bass and can be adorable'. Tell you the truth, to this day, I still think he's adorable. More than just adorable, actually, but if I start, I'll never finish the list. Slash says I always go on and talk too much, but even I can't help it.

I don't remember it clearly, I was drunk… but we ended up at the door to my apartment, kissing, and for the first time in years, I felt butterflies in my stomach when I kissed someone. And for the first time in some months, I didn't end up naked in bed with that person… just in bed. Don't ask me how, I still try to recover this memory of mine, I just can't seem to do it.

After that, we saw each other at rehearsal next. It was awkward, to say the least, but things seemed to calm down as we played. And when that was over, he asked me out… like on a date, which made me blush. I managed to say a yes, but spent the rest of the day buried in my closet and trying to find something to wear. Since then, I never wondered why girls spent so much time getting ready, because I sure was late for dinner because all my shirts seemed horrible then, all my pants were too this or too that, my hair was never good enough… yeah.

Still, he wasn't upset, and the date went well… dinner was delicious just for the fact it was actual food, and his company was perfect. I was just thankful I'd finished my drink before he asked that question, or else I would have choked – though I should have seen it coming. Did he even have to ask? Of course I'd be his boyfriend!

Now, diary, don't stare at me like that. I know I may sound like a girl… but I'm still a man. Not a girly man, either. But… I can't help it, you know. Now I understand the lines and lines of girls squealing after the Beatles, and us, and… well, I didn't ever squeal after him… but oh, did I float in clouds… This is off-topic, isn't it?

Well, to tell you the truth, there was one time that I didn't feel all warm and fuzzy with his kisses, I don't think I had this diary when it happened. We had this real bad fight when we were around three years into the relationship, and it was the first and only time we had real rough, angry sex so we wouldn't break up, letting out anger into that instead of killing each other. After that I understood why Axl and Slash are noisy at night if they are throwing flowers or bullets at each other, but I don't understand how Axl walks every day when they're in the bullets case.

Other than that, every time, be it a light, gentle kiss that's almost innocent – dare I say -, or a needy, deep kiss that make your parents get you out of the room until you don't live with them anymore, I still feel the same way. And he also makes me blush a lot, no matter how long we've been together. Trust me, that's a long time… almost ten years. Oh, I haven't told you his name yet… but you know who he is. After all, I told you, I love my Duffy (in the case of someone finding this diary after my death, yes, I mean Duff McKagan).

Moral of this… entry? Man, why am I even… anyway, it doesn't matter if you've fucked the entire planet or if you're not innocent at all, there's still someone around who can make you float on clouds, blush, and feel butterflies in your stomach. Unfortunately, not everyone finds that someone, so I guess I'm lucky.

~Izzy Stradlin
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