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Part 1

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Izzy wakes up in the hospital, with Duff.

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Izzy groaned, looking around. He felt a slight throbbing in his head and also could feel needles, but his view was blurry and all he saw was white. At first, he thought it was some kind of dream, but the deathly silence and all that white was slowly replaced by whispering voices and a clear view, which showed the walls and the rest of the room was indeed white, but it wasn't the 'nothing'.

He closed his eyes again, leaning his head back against the pillow and sighing, listening to his heartbeat and the voices from the other side of the room. He couldn't exactly make out their words, but he recognized the voices well. Axl and Duff, if he wasn't mistaken, and they seemed to be talking about him.

Slowly, his memory returned, and he remembered his condition and the last things he heard, his head was a complete mess. With his mind working slightly better, he was able to associate needles, white, and that numbness and at the same time nauseous feeling he had when he moved. He was in a hospital. That also explained the lack of noise, chaos, dirt, and all kinds of stuff hospitals don't have. Well, at least the needles part didn't change, only what they passed into his system.

Frowning, he let a tear roll down his cheek, remembering his thoughts when he was lying in his bed and shaking from the pain. He knew they weren't that uncaring, he knew they'd notice… but that also brought back the pain that they hadn't noticed it until he was too close to the edge, he was still close…

"Iz?" He heard a soft question, and looked up at the door, managing a half-smile when he saw Duff there. He was in pain, not physical but emotional, and he was sure that smile wasn't near as convincing as it would be if things weren't this bad. Or maybe they were always weak, but the others would pay more attention and keep watching him now that they knew how bad he was. "I was dead worried…"

"S… sorry…" The rhythm guitarist managed to say, looking into Duff's eyes for a moment, then looking down. He could see worry and pain in those eyes, and confusion. He'd have to explain it all, they'd probably think he was some weak kid with need for attention now, when they'd usually gone to him for a listener or someone they'd rely on and… and they'd look down on him… "No…" Izzy shook his head at those thoughts, letting more tears fall and shivering slightly.

"Shh, Izzy, it's okay now…" Duff frowned, sitting at the edge of the bed and caressing the other's cheek, running a hand through his hair soon after. "You'll be fine…" He adjusted himself, and pulled the smaller into his arms, careful not to hurt him or move the small needles much. He wanted to ask why, but seeing Izzy like this, he knew the other would have more time to explain and he wasn't emotionally prepared for that.

"… Is… Axl angry…? And about the gig?" The guitarist asked softly, leaning against Duff and feeling a wave of relief wash over him, as well as relaxation and fear, messing with his emotions even more. His body couldn't have chosen a worse time to act on how bad he treated it.

"Angry? He was panicking about your condition, you're more important than one gig… we'll reschedule it or something… but when you didn't show up we were really worried, and… and I guess I noticed you lost weight, just… I didn't pay attention to it, I thought it wasn't anything too bad…" Duff frowned, shaking his head and playing with the smaller man's hair. "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault…" Izzy smiled gently, sadly. "I just… let my mind panic… and my body broke with it…"
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