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Izzy - Search

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Izzy helps Axl replace the guitar he broke.

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Now, I know I have a story to tell. Well, to me it is a story, you may not consider it that but it is – by mine and any other normal person's view. No need to state I'm not exactly a normal person, for when you're surrounded by madness it's quite hard to keep sane. But this is how it happened, after Axl tragically destroyed Slash's guitar.

"Come on, we need to find it!" Axl had shouted for what seemed like the thousandth time in less than an hour, and of course I had to argue. My feet ached, my eyes were getting tired and the sun was completely murdering my skin.

"Ax, we've been to twenty-seven stores…" It seemed to come out more like a whine that what I intended, but he didn't pay attention. Of course not… We'd been through all those stores and something told me more were to come, as we searched for the perfect guitar to have Slash and him kiss and make up, then live happily ever after until the next fight. Tell you the truth, we'd been through many wonderful guitars with really good sound, but he wasn't satisfied. At all. "Am I really needed here? You're the one choosing everything…"

"Izzy, I'm the one with the good taste here, so I know when a guitar looks good." Thus implying I have bad taste, for how that sentence is worded. "But you have a better ear and fingers for that kind of stuff, so you're needed." And so he dragged me into another store. After what seemed like an age and all the music stores of LA and surroundings, we finally found something good-sounding that fit his search dream. I just didn't want to tell him, but we'd seen the exact same guitar and he said it was a piece of shit on the third store we went to. Oh, well.

Finally, we got home, and my feet were sore from the boots, my fingers from the playing, my head was just throbbing and the skin burning from the sun. But as you may have read by our narrator, I only told him about the boots. He's happy, and I can clearly hear that through the walls here. Axl's always been vocal, and it keeps us all up when he and Slash are okay with each other.
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