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Slaxl - Worth It

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What happened after Axl and Izzy found the perfect guitar for Slash - sequel to "Search".

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"Ow... I think my boots hurt my feet." Izzy pouted, shoving said boots somewhere under his bed and resting his feet on the soft sheets of the bed, sighing at the cool air. "They're stinging… how much did we walk, anyway?"

"The needed!" Axl grinned, hugging the electric guitar close to him and then writing a small note on some stained piece of paper he found around the floor, setting it on the guitar and nodding. "All my money went to this thing, but it's worth it."

'Of course it is, or else Slash would leave the band and never talk to you again, and you're head over heels for him.' Izzy chuckled, not voicing that thought and yawning, stretching his arms behind his head. "You better leave it in his room before he comes back… and I… better sleep." He mumbled, already getting comfortable on his bed and drifting off into a semi-conscious state.

"Yeah." The redhead nodded again, taking the guitar and going to Slash's room, setting it on the bed. After a moment of hesitation, he climbed into the bed and under the covers, deciding to wait there for the guitarist even if his heart was pounding wildly and practically screaming for him to leave there.

After some time, he heard Duff and Slash talking about something, the later seeming angry in his tone. Of course, about the guitar, which meant that if Axl's plan of getting a new one after breaking Slash's favorite electric didn't work, he was beyond dead. In his mind, as the door opened, he thought dramatic music would be comforting now instead of the dead silence of when the two outside stopped talking.

It seemed like an eternity as the wooden, almost-completely-destroyed door opened, Slash appeared at the doorway, his eyebrow arched slowly and then he glared at the redhead, trying to keep his temper in check. No matter how calm he was in almost every situation, Axl always found a way to get him angry. And that was when he noticed the guitar. "What…?"

"… W-well, I broke your guitar and I really didn't mean to but you were so angry and I was afraid you'd leave the band and never talk to me or something and I wanted to make up for it so I… got this?" And no, it's not me forgetting commas, but Axl just said it so fast there wasn't a place for any there. Grammatically incorrect speech, people, is what happens when you feel cornered and afraid. Well, if you don't kill and destroy whatever's in your way or are too scared to speak.

"You got…" Slash twitched, going closer to the bed and picking up the guitar, examining it and tentatively playing for a moment. "Idiot, this must have cost you a fortune…" He sighed, setting it down carefully against a wall and sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at Axl with some unreadable expression for a moment. The redhead bit his lip, pouting and sitting up, ready to say something when Slash kissed him gently. "I wouldn't stop talking to you or leave the band… but I needed some time to cool off. Still, I'll accept the apology, and the guitar, because you won't let me refuse it if I wanted to."

"You scared me, really… and good, you're not leaving me." The redhead smiled, snuggling close and feeling the other's arms wrap around him. "The money and the hours walking were totally worth it."
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