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Izzy watches the view from the window of the tour bus, Duff joins him once the night is upon them.

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Izzy looked out the windows of the bus as the sun was setting, and all the way into the dark night. They went through areas where the only light they had was the moon, since the light from the bus didn't quite help them see much. Well, he was the only one paying attention to the view, it seemed, since Slash was passed out around the mattresses, Axl complaining about how everyone disagreed with him, Duff nowhere in his view and Steven trying to do something with paper that just looked like origami.

The rhythm guitarist sighed softly, shaking his head and turning his gaze back to the view. Now they had a few street lights here and there, and there was this light area in the sky that he couldn't identify what it was, beyond the dark blanket that covered the land. It seemed like almost no time had passed when the silence of the trip, bothered only by the noisy bus and it's motor, was suddenly exchanged for laughing, cursing, shouting, and all kinds of human noise possible, bottles being broken and complete chaos as the sun hit his face and had his eyes keep half-closed to protect themselves from the light.

While he'd usually join them in drinking and getting high or whatever the others were doing by now, the view seemed to capture his attention more. He wasn't sure why, but it was inspiring, and it gave him a sense of freedom that not even being surrounded by madness and completely different from anything did. During the trip, he'd managed to scribble down some lyrics and music, using his acoustic to write the music, all the while focused on the outside of those windows. On a side note, said windows had to be cleaned. Then again, so did the rest of the bus.

It must have been late at night, sleep was unwillingly taking over his body while he watched the trees seem to shrink away from them as they went by, when someone finally came to him. Instead of a hand on his shoulder or a voice talking to him, the acoustic guitar was taken from his hands and set down, and a pair of arms wrapped around his middle and pulled him close.

"…?" He blinked in confusion, looking up at Duff when the bassist smiled. "Duffy, the others shouldn't see us…" He whispered, pouting and trying to move away, only to be stopped by a gentle kiss to his cheek.

"They're all asleep, it's dark… I can't stay away from you all through the tour…" Duff chuckled softly, nuzzling Izzy's neck and sighing contently, eyes closing. "And they know I like holding things in my sleep… if they ask… I didn't notice when I hugged you and you couldn't get away~"

"Yes, and they'll believe it…" The guitarist shook his head, leaning it back slightly and closing his eyes. "But it's kind of hard to sleep without you holding me…" And so they went down to the mattresses stretched across the bus, lying down and holding each other, when Izzy took Duff's hand in his and smiled. "I'm feeling so free and… relaxed… today. I hardly noticed the madness of the day…"

The bassist nodded softly, squeezing the other's hand gently. "We're free to do whatever the hell we want, and we're loose in the world… I guess tomorrow… I'll watch the view with you." He smiled back, snuggling close and closing his eyes. Not much later, they fell asleep like that, with the sun rising just a couple of hours later.
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