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Slaxl - Good Day

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Slash isn't even aware it's his birthday, but even so, Axl makes it a really good day.

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Slash dried his hair, or at least took most of the water from it, with the towel and sighed contently. He'd just come out of a warm shower, which was something rare for them, and that voice in the back of his mind told him this would be a good day. And just after he wrapped the towel around his waist and was going to walk out of the bathroom, the door opened and closed and he found himself with a half-naked redhead in his arms.

"Warm bath, hot redhead, what comes next?" The guitarist chuckled, kissing the other's lips gently. Usually when Axl flew into his arms it was because he was in a good mood or in a breakdown, and it was kind of clear by now that he wasn't crying or broken.

"Hm, be thankful for my good mood." Axl kissed back, wrapping his arms around Slash's neck and nuzzling his chest a moment later, smiling. He felt Slash's hands caressing his back, sliding down slowly, and purred happily, blushing.

"You act like a kitten at times, you know…" Slash kissed Axl's forehead, smiling and suddenly picking him up, making him cling in surprise. He caught the redhead's lips in his again, carrying him to the room and to the bed, moving between his legs. "Are you going to refuse again?" He asked, running a hand through Axl's hair and smirking softly, knowing the answer already.

"Hm…" The singer seemed to consider that seriously, before wrapping his legs around Slash's waist and pulling him closer, kissing him deeply. "Nope, but do something before I change my mind."

"Guys, Axl's got him busy now." Steven grinned, running into the kitchen. Izzy was making a cake that seemed edible, which was quite an improvement to the first five versions of the cake, which were a disaster. Those lay piled up in some corner to be thrown out. Duff was just sitting around, and just now would get to his part of this. He and Steven were to do the decoration of the place, since the drinks were already provided.

And so, in record time – before Axl and Slash were done -, the decorations were done and all was in place, with the cake ready and even some birthday hats for them. That was actually Izzy's idea.

And so Slash and Axl walked in, the lead guitarist not even aware it was his birthday, when there was a cry of 'surprise' and a group hug from nowhere.

"Uh, guys?" Slash blinked, confused. Axl chuckled and shook his head, showing him the cake.

"Happy birthday, idiot… you seriously have to keep track of that."
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