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All We Are Is Dreams...

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'The sky is pink. Bubblegum pink with wispy, turquoise clouds that drift dreamily overhead...' FRERARD ONESHOT! Can dreams really be real?

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A/N: Hey guys, here’s a little story I suddenly thought of today…hope you like it :) it's kinda a random idea, it’s a bit mysterious and it sort of leaves you guessing, but I hope you’ll like it! please let me know what you think, and enjoooy!
Disclaimer: i do not own the lovely Frankie or the equally lovely Gerard, however, i do own the plot (:

NOTE 2012: I did this ages ago, so sorry if it's not great- I just wanted to edit it so as the paragraphing is right. Sorry.

“All We Are Is Dreams…”

Frank’s point of view:

The sky is pink. Bubblegum pink with wispy, turquoise clouds that drift dreamily overhead, swept by a soft, balmy breeze that gently ruffles my hair, smelling faintly of cinnamon, tobacco, coffee beans and sunshine…something familiar and almost reassuring about the mingling of contrasting yet complimenting scents, but I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is about them that is familiar.

I glance down and see that the grass is a vivid violet, each tiny individual blade a subtly different shade of purple, rippling slightly in the warm breeze, tickling my bare feet. Hundreds of baby blue flowers sprinkled over the ocean of violet grass, like tiny stars in the black velvety endlessness of a night’s sky.

The only sounds in the peaceful yet surreal meadow are the rustling of the crimson and gold leaves of the weeping willow a few metres away from me, as it’s drooping branches sweep the purple blades below it, the lulling whisper of burbling water trickling over rocks, and the faint, far-away chirping yet melodic birdsong.

I step forwards slightly cautiously, the violet grass cool and fresh on the soles of my feet as I meander across the meadow, the colour of the sky making it feel almost like walking under an endless canopy of pink cherry blossom, following the sound of burbling water. The sun is warm on my back as I carefully pick my way across the field until I reach a small stream flowing under the crimson and gold leaves of the weeping willow, sparkling indigo in the dappled sunlight.

I sit down in the shade of the tree, on the rocks lining the stream, feet swinging, toes just brushing the cool surface of the sparkling water.

I’m just enjoying the golden warmth of the sun, the cool water and the gentle breeze, the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere eclipsing the surreal, when there’s a noise of leaves rustling behind me.

“I was wondering when I’d find you…” an all too familiar voice whispers into my ear, sending chills down my spine as their warm, cinnamon scented breath tickle the bare skin of my neck.

I jump and look up into a pair of enchanting, glittering emerald eyes brimming with intelligence, creativity and warmth, yet laced subtly with dark humour and mischief. Hair as black as midnight frames a perfect, chalk-white face with high cheekbones, a small button nose, long, dark lashes, and slightly pouty cherry lips, as pink as the sky above us.

“…Gerard?” I breathe as he sits down beside me.

Gerard’s skimming his toes over the surface of the stream, smiling softly. “What?”

“…Where..where are we?” is the first of a hundred unanswered questions that escapes my lips.

“Does it really matter?” he turns to look at me, his starling jade green eyes sparkling with warmth in the dappled golden sunlight.

I hadn’t exactly thought about it like that…but in all honesty, I suppose it doesn’t actually matter at all; I’m with Gerard, the person I care most about in the world…nothing else really matters.

“No…I guess it doesn’t.” I agree, plucking at the purple blades beside me.

He smiles gently, plucks a baby blue flower from the violet grass, kisses it, and tucks it carefully behind my ear, caressing my cheek.

Shivers erupt up and down my spine, but I pull away, all confused. “..You..” I frown, trying to think clearly; the warm, balmy breeze, mingling scents of cinnamon, coffee beans, tobacco and golden sunshine, and his presence are clogging up my thoughts. “..You don’t like me that way…you never said anything..” I shake my head sadly, suddenly realising. “..This can’t be real, can it?”

“Just because I never said anything to you doesn’t mean I don’t feel it.” Gerard whispers, looking at me with such tenderness I feel like my heart is melting and becoming warm gooey honey. “And…” he nibbles gently on my ear, tobacco scented breath tickling my skin. “..Why can’t this be real?” he bites down on my neck, making me groan, his soft, silky lips kissing their way up to my own, where the two collide, sparks igniting in my chest, pulse racing as his white, spidery fingers entwine with my hair, mine finding their way round his skinny hips. Goose bumps erupt all over me as he licks my lips pleadingly and I open my mouth, pulling him closer desperately, hands clinging to the small of his back, dragging him so close I can feel the frantic pound of his heart against my own’s frenzied beat.

We break apart, gasping for air, my knees feeling weak and like melted honey, just like my chest.

Gerard’s ghostly pallor is flushed, his ebony hair dishevelled, his pupils dilated so much that the black of them nearly eclipses the startling emerald iris.

I lean forward again, aching to feel him, but he gently pushes me away, smiling slightly as he gets to his feet.

“Where are you going?” I ask, suddenly worried.

“Back in a second.” Gerard smiles, kissing my forehead and wandering off into the sea of purple.

I smile dreamily and close my eyes, lost in the warmth of the golden sun and the ghost of Gerard’s lips, my heart still thumping wildly in my ribcage, cheeks flushed. I’m so lost in my own world of daydreams that I don’t notice Gerard return, until a familiar voice whispers “Boo.” Softly into my ear. I look up into Gerard’s smiling, enchanting emerald eyes and smile happily.

Gerard smiles back and sits down beside me. “Close your eyes.”


“Your eyes.” He repeats.

I close my eyes obediently, slightly confused.

I feel Gerard’s nimble fingers round my wrist along with something foreign, and something that feels very much like the nib of a pen. Then his lips are on mine once more, softly, briefly, and he pulls back. “Open your eyes.” I can hear the smile in his whisper.

I open my eyes.

On my wrist is a delicate bracelet, woven from the purple blades of grass, tiny blue petals and gold and crimson leaves embellishing the intricate plaiting there’s something written underneath it in black ink, but it’s upside down so I can’t read it.

“People are made of hopes and dreams…without them we’d all be nothing. Sometimes, what we really think are dreams are more real than anything else…all we are is dreams, Frankie.” He whispers. “This,” he gestures to my wrist. “is just something to remember me by.”

“Remember you?” I ask, confused. “…Where are you going?”

Gerard doesn’t answer, but instead presses his soft, warm lips to mine once more. One touch is like the strongest dose of heroin…enough to keep me hooked for eternity. I mesh my lips urgently against his, and he kisses back with all he’s got, like he’s putting his soul into the kiss. Pulse fluttering erratically, I pull him as close to me as possible, breathing in the reassuring scents of tobacco and cinnamon, running my hands through his raven hair as he runs his fingers and down my spine, moaning into my lips, tongue dancing into my mouth.

It’s complete and utter ecstasy…nothing else could ever compare.

Suddenly, Gerard pulls away.

“Wha..?” I mumble, confused, mind still whirling nonsensically from the magic of the mind-blowing kiss.

“Time to wake up now.” Gerard sighs sadly, gently tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“My hear plummets. “Then this…this is only a dream? It’s not real?”

I notice that the bubblegum sky, the burbling stream, the crimson and gold weeping willow, the violet grass, and even, to my horror, Gerard, are slowly but surely fading, getting dimmer by the second.

“Gerard!” I panic, clinging to his hand with all my might, but even the touch is fading.
“Yes, it is a dream Frankie…but who said it wasn’t real?” Gerard says softly.

The colours of the meadow are swirling into each other now, mixing and mingling, and Gerard’s grasp on my hand is becoming a ghost.

“Real? How do I know it’s real?!” I cry in sheer dread at the thought of leaving the meadow, that it’s not real…that Gerard’s not real. I try squeezing his hand, but I can’t even feel it now. “GERARD!” I cry desperately.

“A dream can always be real…but only if you’ve got proof, if you have something from the dream..” I can’t see him at all anymore, but when he says that, it feels like he’s saying it right into my ear, warm breath on my neck.

Then everything goes black.

I wake up in the familiar surroundings of my bunk, heart pounding, mind whirling, gasping for breath. It was just a dream.

My heart sinks, knowing it was an amazing dream, but already the image of whatever it was is slipping away, too fast for my brain to cling onto it.

I sigh despondently and get up, making my way towards the bathroom, bumping into someone with raven black dishevelled hair, ghostly skin and glittering green eyes. Gerard.

He smells of cinnamon, tobacco, sunshine and coffee beans, and suddenly, my dream comes flooding back so vividly I can almost see the bubblegum pink sky of the meadow, hear the burbling of the indigo stream, smell the mingling scents that cling to Gerard right now, breathe in the warm, balmy breeze, feel the tiny blades of purple grass tickling my feet.

“…Umm..” I blush furiously, remembering all too clearly the feel of his lips on mine. If only it hadn’t only been a dream…if only it had been real…

Gerard smiles almost knowingly at me, then wanders back into the bunkroom, leaving me feeling all churned up and confused.

I sigh heavily and bring my hand up to brush my hair out of my eyes, and that’s when I notice something on my wrist.

Purple grass, crimson and gold leaves and tiny blue petals all woven intricately together with love. I suddenly remember Gerard making me close my eyes while he put it round my wrist. He wrote something on there too, but it was upside down, so I couldn’t read it.

The writing isn’t upside down anymore.

I can now read perfectly clearly what’s written on my skin in Gerard’s inky black scrawl.

All we are is dreams, Frankie…xoxo

[*So was it okay? I know it’s quite different to what I usually do, so I’d really like to know your opinions and what you liked/didn’t like about it. as I said, I think it’s probs better as a onshot, but if people really want more, I’ll consider it xD thank you all so much for reading and pleeease R&R- it’ll make my day! thanks guys :)

CosmicZombie xo
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