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“Quinn! Carry me away from this place!” I said dramatically with my arms in the air. It was Friday and this whole week the staff have been busy setting up and doing finishing touches for the magazine, which meant I was extra busy signing the final touch ups of the magazine of next month’s. I was overly tired and my eye lids were on the verge of shut down.
“Just one more hour Josie!” she gave me a weak smile.
I slumped my head onto the paperwork piled on my desk. I could not wait for this day to be over. On the other hand, it was good that I haven’t had time for myself this whole week, if I did then that would have meant that my brain would be thinking about Gerard and how the situation was in the last 10 years. Believe me, my imagination takes me to wild places. Maybe he told me he was in love with me and I flipped him off and was a skank and slept with half the people we knew and it killed him and he got upset and he just couldn’t cope with me around so he just got out of my life… JOSIE! Shut up, focus on work!
I don’t think I remember Friday after that. Except I kept working on the finishing touches and agreeing, not agreeing to ideas and designs. As soon as I got home I was asleep. Job well done though; I really hope the people like the next month’s articles.
It was 6 in the evening the next day which was a Saturday. Quinn and I were in my small bathroom doing our make-up for the party that night. It was going to be hosted by some big rich guy who hired a function centre with a rooftop overlooking the larger part of the city. It sounded pretty exciting and we had to look our best.
“Are you definitely sure that I can’t get into the party if I wear flats?” I asked I pouted just to see how it looked with bright red lipstick.
“Yep, so you gotta wear heels and I know how much you hate heels.” Quinn said as she carefully brushed on some mascara.
I turned from the mirror and watched her, “I hated heels before?”
“What do you mean?” she asked obviously not seeing my curious face expression.
“I mean, before this amnesia… I still hated heels?”
“Uhh, yeah that part didn’t change. You hate heels now as you did before,” she chuckled.
My face dropped. I didn’t want to be anything like the person I was. I scoffed, “I love wearing heels, it’s so my thing!” I laughed and walked into the lounge where my heels were placed on the coffee table. My heels looked so damn good but I doubted that I could last the whole night with it. I slipped it on and did a catwalk. “How could someone hate heels so much?!” I smiled. “They make my ass look so good!”
Quinn just sighed.

Stepping into the party felt like a person just turning legal age and seeing it for the first time. I felt so stupid for not expecting how a party was like since I don’t know what a party is exactly like or the parties I’ve been to in the last ten years. It looked so lively. The minute we got it we were given margaritas. The alcohol hit me hard so quickly. I guess I was a lightweight. I smiled to people who smiled to me, I was guessing that they knew me and I wanted to look cool for one night and pretend I knew them. Quinn and I sat on a modern looking bright orange sofa and watched the people socialise.

After 3 tequila shots and 5 magaritas later I was drunk. Maybe beyond drunk, I don’t know. I remembered Quinn asking me if I was going to be okay along for a bit and I laughed it off. It’s been almost half hour since she left me and I was still sitting on the same sofa I came to sit in when I arrived. I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t want to mingle with people I didn’t know and there weren’t any interesting looking people catching my eye. I felt the urge to dance so I stood up and wobbled a bit before making my way to the dance floor. It was crowded and the floor was humongous. I just walked into the centre of the dance floor and started dancing. It was funny how when I’m drunk I don’t care if anybody watched me dance stupidly. The bass vibrated through my body and my body moved to the beat. I grinned like a clown and kept dancing.
“I see that you like to dance,” someone said from behind me.
I turned to see Gerard, “Gerard! Yes! Dancing is great! Dance with me!” without waiting for his answer, I pulled him and waved his arms around as I danced.
He chuckled and let me hold on to his arms and move them about. I think I accidentally swooped Gerard’s arm into a man beside us who turned around with a furious face.
“Well, well if it isn’t Josephine the fucked up bitch.” The man looked down at me.
“What? I’m not a bitch,” I stepped back trying to keep my balance up.
He laughed, “Everyone knows you’re a bitch sweetie.”
“Hey, Dan, stop it. She doesn’t need this right now.” Gerard stepped in. “She’s drunk and just accidentally hit you.”
“I don’t care!” he turned back to me. “You know, I’m so glad you’re suffering right now. I’m so glad that you’re trying to piece your life back together. You’re just too oblivious to the fact that no one thinks you’ve changed even with that amnesia. You’re going to go back to the stupid cunt you were from before.”
“Hey! Don’t call me that! I wont go back to who I was!” fury boiled in me.
“You will, I’m so surprised that Gerard here is standing by you. Do you know how much you’ve hurt this man?”
“Dan, shut up.” Gerard cut in.
“No, she needs to hear this. He devoted his life and love for you and what do you do? Throw it all away. The stupid selfish whore you are had 3 separate affairs with 3 men at the same time for a period of 18 months before he found out. You were never in love with him! You just played him like a puppet! Do you see why Gerard hated you? You divorced him as soon as he found out and it cost more than the wedding did. You even set an AVO against him telling the cops that he bashed you in the marriage. Do you know how much a reputation could kill your career? You destroyed him! He almost killed himself because of you and you didn’t even care!” he spat in fury at me.
My world was spinning; the laser lights were blinding me. “Shut up! Don’t lie to me! Don’t lie to me like that! I didn’t do that!”
“I’m not lying! Gerard, just tell her it’s true!” he turned to him.
I jumped up and pushed him, “Stop lying!”
“I’m not you insolent bitch!” he pushed me back which sent me to the floor.
I laid there watching the ceiling and the people creeping towards me from the corner of my eyes. I didn’t want to get up and face him. Gerard ran to my side, “You okay? Just don’t listen to him it’s all-“
“Just take me home,” tears fell out of my eyes. “Just get me out of here,” I held on to his arm.

I'm going to apologise over and over again for delaying the next chapter. Uni is taking over my life :(
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