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Gerard's Box

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Gerard has an unhealthy obsession with boxes...and then he finds Frank. One-shot but I'm considering writing a sequel...maybe. And ignore the warning please, I'm new and couldn't undo it -__-

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Gerard Way had always liked boxes. He collected them, in fact. He just loved the simplicity of them. Or even the delicate decorations on them. He had various shapes and sizes, all scattered around his room. There were small ones, larger ones, and ones that seemed to have been made for girls' jewelery rather than a grown man's obsession. One day, however, Gerard came across the largest, most detailed box he had ever seen. It fascinated him to the extent that he would have given anything to have it. And so that is what he did. He took all his boxes, drove down to the local pawn shop and, well, you get the idea.

Once he had brought his extremely large box home and set it in his room, lying it down as if it were a coffin of some sort, he suddenly had a thought. What to put in it? It was far too precious-looking for simply anything. So Gerard searched all over his house for anything valuable enough for that box. Once he had given up around his house he set out to look in the shops.

This was the same day that a certain Frank Iero had decided to do some of his monthly shopping. He was never too keen on it. Once Frank had arrived at his favourite comic book store, of which he did not mind shopping in what-so-ever, something caught his eye. There was a strange man running around, eyes darting frantically, looking for something. His jet-black hair falling away from his face as he speed-walked down the small aisles of the store.

Frank knew each and every corner of this store. He had memorized it entirely through the amount of time he spent in there. He may not go shopping very often, but he certainly wouldn't miss an opportunity to come searching for any comics he may not have already.

So Frank decided to help this odd man. Bad move Frank, bad move.

Suddenly, Gerard heard a voice. "Excuse me? Would you like some help? You looking for something in particular?" The voice said. Gerard looked up to meet the hazel eyes that the voice belonged to. And, my, weren't they stunning?

"Uh...d-do you work h-ere?" Gerard stuttered, suddenly extremely lost in those eyes. He coughed, something he does when he is embarrassed or uncomfortable. He is odd, after all.

The stranger laughed nervously. "Ha. Um...n-no. I don't. I'm just...uh. In here a-a lot..." The stranger stuttered, also. He seems nervous Gerard thought with amusement. Then something occurred to him. The's large enough for a small human, isn't it? And Frank was indeed a human. And pretty small, at that.

Gerard grinned evily at Frank. Poor little Frankie. He didn't even realize.

Gerard grabbed Frank's arms suddenly and swiftly led him to the door. Frank's eyes grew wide as he realized the potential danger he could be in as he was stuffed into a car. After the agonizingly long car journey, with Frank too shocked to even plead for his freedom, he was quickly led into a house. The kidnapper bouncing along excitedly with every step he took.

This is perfect. He is absolutely perfect Gerard thought. He saw Frank to be very pretty. And extremely precious. Precious enough for his box. As he pulled Frank into his room he quickly opened the lid of his new box. He had to hide Frank away. Hide him from the rest of the cruel world that would surely snatch his beauty up. Gerard wanted Frank for his own. And that's exactly what he was going to get. He was determined.

Frank's eyes grew even wider than before and he opened his mouth to speak. "Wh-" But he was shoved into a large, wooden and extremely beautifully decorated box. There was enough room in it so that he could easily stretch out. He did so. He was about to attempt to ask his same question when his kidnapper spoke before him.

"You're safe now. They can't take you away. You can stay pretty. What's your name?" Frank was a bit taken aback by this man's words but replied.
"F-Frank..." His kidnapper smiled.
"I'm Gerard." And with that he shut the lid of the box. He'd found something extremely precious. Something perfect for his box. Something beautiful.
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