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duff mkagan

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my pov
Duff i love that fuckin name. ik its not his real name but still. i also have a bit of a thing for blondes. i dont know why i just do especially wen there like really tall like taller then there friends. yes duff said he taller then all his friends:) hawt is all i can say anyways better stop thinking so much so i dont like annoy myself end of pov

duffs pov
shes dark but sweet when you get to know her i cant believe slash is bieng an ass and saying she aint his type. oh..... i see why she doesnt play guitar or seem remotely intrested in talking 24/7 about the different types not that he does that well thats pretty fucked up. if i had to say the 1st one to go will be either manson mick or slashend of pov
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