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It's so Beautiful

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"Are we really going on tour?" Erik asked excitedly. Tommy laughed and punched his arm. "Of course we are! We just recorded a new fucking album. The fans wanna hear us now."
"Wow. I've never been anywhere except LA," Erik said, his eyes looking off into the distance.
"It gets pretty fucking wild on tour, Erik," Vince added. They were already on the tour bus. "Plus, wait 'til you see snow for the first time. It's fuckin' rad."
"I just can't wait to show the fans Erik's playing. It's fucking phenomenal," Mick added. Everybody agreed.
It had taken them three months to perfect the album, and it would go on sale the day before their first show in Las Vegas, which meant it would go on sale in one day. Tommy, although not easily, had somewhat moved on from the traumatic experience of losing Nikki. Not a day went by where he didn't think of Nikki, but he wasn't miserable any longer. It was hard to be depressed with Erik in the room. Tommy still had an attraction to Erik, but never told anybody. He was still in love with Nikki. Tommy's attention snapped back to the group when Erik started to tickle him. He instantly started flailing. "Stop it, you fucker! I fuckin' said stop!" Tommy squeaked in between laughter. Vince and Mick chuckled along with Erik, who had the cutest smile spread across his face. "I saw you thinking hard, Tom! I can't let you do that. You gotta live in the moment!" Tommy's spirits instantly lifted again, and he rejoined the conversation about snow and the rest of America.


"Tommy, wake up! Please wake up!" Erik's voice said. Tommy opened his eyes. Erik was on top of him, hitting him in the face with a pillow, wearing nothing but his boxers. Tommy rubbed his eyes. "What, Erik? What is it?"
The tour had been going good for a few months. They just started going back out on the road after a few week break. Tommy's body wasn't used to the party drugs he was using again, so he felt like shit. Erik was grinning stupidly and pointing at the window. He kept bouncing up and down on the bed. "Come look, Tommy! It's fucking beautiful!" Tommy pushed himself out of his bed, and opened the shades on the small window. The bus was parked, probably so the driver could get a few winks of sleep. Blanketing the bus and the area around it was fluffy white snow. Erik was beaming, all the while still jumping up and down like a little kid on Christmas. "Jesus Christ, Erik. Were you diagnosed with ADD as a kid?"
Erik started laughing loudly. "Actually, it was ADHD. I was on Ritalin, but I sold it to get money for pot. I think it's gotten worse as I've gotten older."
"Well? What are we waiting for? Let's fucking go out there!" Tommy declared, throwing on his sweaty leather pants and stained t-shirt. Erik did the same, and the two ran out barefoot. Erik started jumping more now that they were outside. "Holy fuck, Tommy! It's freezing out here!" He rubbed his hands on his arms to warm himself up. Tommy laughed along with Erik. Their laughs turned into little smoke clouds. He'd seen snow a few times before, but it always astonished him how beautiful it really was. Flakes were still falling quietly from the sky. One landed on Erik's black eyebrow, and Tommy brushed it away, watching it melt on his finger. "I fucking love snow, dude. It's fucking amazing."
Erik nodded in agreement. "Let's go back inside. I'm going to freeze."
Tommy opened up the door, and was greeted with a rush of hot air. "Ah, that feels good," Tommy said, taking off his pants again before hopping into his bed. "Can I have one of your blankets, Tommy? I think Vince stole my last one."
"I only have one, Erik," Tommy said. He suddenly came up with an idea. "Why don't we share? It's not like it's gonna be long 'til Vince wakes up. Then we can take one of his."
Erik hopped under the blanket next to Tommy, obviously agreeing with him. Tommy moved over so Erik would have room, and found himself falling back to sleep with ease.

A/N- The next chapter is going to be fucking insane. Get ready to be amazed. :3 Enjoy this shit and keep your eyes out for the next chapter. I might just post it in an hour or so, just for your reading pleasure.
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