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Sorry it's short... I'll try to update soon, okay? :)


Despite the argument before, everyone continued about normally.

I helped Frequency finish (what she had informed me was dinner) cooking, frequently asking her

questions, and each time got the assurance that Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Party Poison, and Kobra Kid

would tell me when they were ready.

With that in mind, I continued to help Frequency with anything I could do, until a man with bright

red hair stormed in, a girl with similiar hair, but curlier, with a red skirt, black hightops, a

yellow belt, with a denim vest pulled over her shirt, and other details, by his side.

"Ahhhh, it's good to be back," the man sighed. He looked around for a moment, before his eyes

landed on me. I instantly regonzied him as Party Poison, even if the hair was a dead give away.

"So," he said, "This must be the infamous Forgotten Danger Heart; Detonator Sunshine's cousin."

"Depends," I replied, "If you're the infamous Party Poison; the desert's red-head."

Poison smiled. "Yep, you must be her. It's good to see you, you know, in one piece."

I smiled and nodded in reply.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me?" the girl inquired, faking hurt.

"No," Poison murmured, looking away, "But I assume you will now."

She hit him lightly in the arm, before turning to me. "Fallen Avenging Angel. Or Natalie. Or Angel.

You know, whatever floats your boat."

Another, smaller, girl walked in, with hair similiar to Jet Star's. She could'nt have been more

than 10. "Dad, can I go help Ghoul?" she asked him.

Poison nodded to anwser her, and as quick as she entered, she had left.

"Your daughter?" I asked, hoping I wasn't being to nosy.

Poison didn't notice a thing. "More or less. I've raised her for most of her life, so I guess so."

He turned to Frequency, "I think a meeting is in order."

"Good," Frequency praised, "This poor girl probably has a headache from today," she gestured to me.

"I apologize. Okay," he said, as he headed towards the hallway, "meeting time." He stopped,

thinking for a moment. "Okay, Kobra, Jet, Ghoul, and I are going to discuss the situation first,

then we'll let whoever wants to share their thoughts have a chance to input."


Everyone besides Kobra Kid, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Party Poison, and Dr. D sat in the front room,

talking quitely with each other. Voices coming from the control room could be heard, because they

hadn't shut the door all the way.

"...So," Party Poison was saying, "If she decides to stay, who's gonna look after her?"

"I'll take responsibility for her," Kobra offered.

"Are you sure, Kobra?" Poison asked.

"Positive. If she's like her cousin, she won't be a problem."

"We know she won't be a problem," Jet Star said, "But you've only had to watch out for Frequency,

and even she rarely leaves this building. Can you handle looking after another person?"

"Definitely," Kobra assured them. "Your guys' groups are big enough as it is. If she joins my

group, counting Frequency, there'll be three of us, like Poison's group. That'll be enough to

patrol, get supplies, pretty much whatever it is that your groups do. So, with another group to

take nightly-patroling shifts, that means more sleep for you guys," Kobra tried to persuade them.

"That does sound nice," Ghoul agreed.

"I think the boy has a point," Dr. D concluded. "She's a good kid, she won't be much trouble.

Besides, she'll mostly stay here anyways, besides when going out with the group. I say let him

watch after her, and if something happens, we deal with it then."

It was silent, but I assume they all agreed.

One by one, whoever wanted a say went into the room, and exited. I was about to scream of suspense

when finally Frequency re-entered the room, and said, "They want to talk to you."

I gulped and got out of the booth I'd been sitting in. I walked to the hallway quitely, pausing

before the door, and finally opening it, entering, and closing it behind me.

As desperate as I was to get some anwsers, I was a little nervous to see Kobra, Jet Star, Ghoul,

and Poison standing in various places throughtout the room. Dr.D. sat at a table in the middle, and

gestured me to sit across from him. I did as directed.

"So..." Dr.D started, "We're technically obligated to first start by asking you if you want to


I thought it over. "Will you help me gget my cousin back?"

The 5 looked at each other. "We'll do what we can," Party offered.

I nodded. "Good enough for me. Yes, I'll stay. If I'm not a burden."

"Not at all," Dr. D smiled. "Well, moving on. You've been placed in Kobra Kid's group, meaning

he'll be responsible for you. Frequency has offered to share her room with her until further

sleeping arrangements can be made."

"Okay," I agreed.

"Now, we're hoping you'll be able to help us with some work that your cousin started, but that can

be discussed in the morning. For now, let's eat."

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