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Chapter Eleven - Jamie

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This...this isn't right. So much.....Can't think,....just can't think

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It didn't take me long to find the house. Nothing had changed in all this time. I stood on the porch in front of the black door. Both cars were in the drive way and the T.V. Was flashing in the living room.

I tool a deep breath and pushed through the door. The living room hadn't changed, either. I felt very ironic walking through it. Me in the living room. Haha!

A noise I was used to came from the kitchen and I smiled. I ran into the wide room and saw mom, sucking on her finger. My eyes stung and I stood next to her.

She pulled her finger out of her mouth and turned. I didn't flinch as she went through me. But she froze and her eyes flashed to where my face was.

Could she see me too? “Jamie? Honey, are you here?” she asked softly. A drop of blood leaked from her finger and landed on the back of my hand. Instead of falling through to the floor, it hung there, three feet from the tile.

Mom gasped and I touched the spot of blood. It smeared, covering the back of my left hand and the palm of my right. An idea popped into my head and I bent over.

Yes I wrote on the floor with her blood. She watched the letters from and gasped. “Jamie!” I smiled and wrote again.

Mom! She started sobbing. “Oh God! Jams, I'm so sorry I tried to change you! I should have supported your choices. Are you okay now? Are you happy? Oh what am I saying?! My baby girls a ghost! Of course your not happy!” she buried her face in her hands and sobbed even harder.

I touched her face with the back of my hand and she gasped. “Don't go! Bill!! Get out here!!” she shouted for Dad. He stumbled into the kitchen, shocking me.

“What now? Did Jamie make you break a glass again? What's that?” he slurred angrily. Dad's a drunk?! What the hell is going on?!?

He looked at the blood on the floor and at mom's bleeding finger. “Why'd you put blood on the floor, you stupid bitch?!” he shouted, slurring every word of it. Mom shook her head and back into the counter.

“It wasn't me, it was Jamie! Jamie, show him.” she said into the empty air. I was still frozen with shock. So I had to watch as Dad brought his hand down hard across Mom's face.

She cried out and fell to the floor, landing on our conversation; well at least my side of it. He kicked her in her sides. “You stupid whore! You will clean this up once I'm done, you got that?!” he grunted between kicks.

My head was filled with Mom's broken sobs and the sounds of boot hitting her soft flesh. Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk. Finally, I was able to move.

I pushed him roughly away from Mom and helped her up. Her lip was split and was weeping blood. It got on me like it had before.

Another idea came to me and cupped my hand under her mouth, catching a handful of her blood. Internally, I cringed and poured the blood over my head. I felt it rolling on my face and dripping from my hair. Mom gasped and gaped at me.

Dad was stumbling to his feet again and he looked at me, then at Mom then he gasped and his eyes flashed back to me. Can they hear me now? Worth a shot, right?

“If you hurt her ever again or get drunk ever again, you'll be keeping me company. Cause I'll kill you. Bet I won't kill you.” He whimpered and nodded, falling to his knees in front of me.

I looked at Mom and smiled. “It's okay you tried to change me. Really. And yes, I'm happy now. My heart's better, even if it's not beating. I love you Mom.” I kissed her cheek and ran a finger down from her eye to her chin, like she used to do to me.

It left a thick trail of blood, like Cherokee war paint. I liked it; it made her look strong. With a soft smile, I did it on her other cheek and closed my eyes, stepping away from her.

“Wait! Don't leave, Jamie, please! I can't loose you again!” Mom pleaded. I didn't open my eyes even though my chest ached.

“I'll never be far away. Just call and I'll be here. But I have to go now.” I murmured, picturing my favorite old hang out. Once I had it burned into my mind, I opened my eyes and flashed to the old fashioned dinner.

And I was there, outside to glass door. I looked down and saw that I was clean of Mom's blood. Good. I wanted to leave that back there, with the memory of the bad thing that had happened.

I went through the door and sat at our old booth. Not three minutes after I'd plopped into the seat, I saw my best friend, Cody come around the corner.

He looked at the booth and his eyes bugged. Oh shit! Was I still visible? “Jamie?” he asked and sat down next to me.

I flinched and nodded, looking at him with wide eyes. “Okay, how the hell can you see me, Cody?” I loved Cody like a sister; and I do mean sister. Cody Crawford, my very best friend in the world, was gay. But I was a little frustrated at the moment and I wanted answers.

He didn't look scared. “Jamie, hun, I'm dead too.” his voice was so calm. I didn't believe him, I honestly didn't. Cody can't be dead! A sarcastic laugh ripped from my chest, and it turned to sobs. No! Nonono!!!

Cody put his arm around my shoulders and I stopped crying. I pulled my face out of my hands and looked at his face. He was exactly like I remembered him. So he really is dead?

And he must have died around the same time I had, because this kid hadn't changed one bit. “Cody, how did you die, exactly?” I asked, a sense of guilt washing through me. He bit his lip and held out his free hand, showing his wrist.

There were long red lines going from the base of his hand all the way to his elbow. I snatched his arm and stretched it out, trying to find a light where the cuts vanished. When I couldn't, I slapped his chest. “Cody! What the fuck were you thinking?!? Why?!”

He put his arm under the table and turned his body to me. I was still used to talking to him like this so I turned my body like his. “Are you ready for a story?” he breathed. I crossed my arms and nodded.

“Well, after you died in the ladies room, there was nobody I could talk to about well, things. You know I was hiding how I am from everybody other than you. Well, people started to catch on and I got bullied bad. My parents didn't care; you remember their Catholic. They told me that I wasn't a son of their's because I was gay. That did it for me, so I went to my room, wrote a note and, well, the rest you can see.”

And that is the reason I love this kid. He's always straight froward. Even though I'm incredibly pissed at him, I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He laughed and hugged me back.

We pulled away and I leaned against the wall. “So, you killed yourself. How long after I died?” I asked as I put my feet on his lap. He chuckled and ran his hand through his red hair.

“About five months after. What have you been up to for all these years? I've been hanging around here, the park and the graveyard where we're both buried.” he was still calm. I shrugged and shook my hair over my shoulder.

“Ah, well, where to start? Until today, I was stuck at the school. A witch moved into my locker, freed me from my personal hell, and then I ended up at my house. Dad's an abusive drunk and Mom got the shit beat out of her right in front of me. I stopped it and told him I'd kill him if he did anything bad again. And then I came here and so on and so forth.” I gestured to him.

He tilted his head and blinked. Okay so something I had said confused him. And now he's going to ask about it.

“What do you mean, witch?” I smiled at his predictability.

“Yes, witch. Haven't you found out yet? Vampires, witches, werewolves and shape-shifters are as real as us. And my guess is we are not the only ghosts in the world.” He rolled his eyes at me.

“Of course we're not the only ghosts in the world. The thing that gets me is the little list you made of movie-monsters. They're all real?” he asked, his voice dropping to a whisper at the end.

I nodded. “Wanna meet a witch right now? He's the one that helped me.” Again, Cody blinked.

“Aren't the male witches warlocks?” he asked. I actually wasn't sure. So I shrugged and stood up.

I walked through the table and he climbed off the bench of the wide booth. “I don't know, Cods. He told me he was a witch. But, hey you can ask him when we get there.” I closed my eyes and pictured Frank's house.

“We're walking there?” he asked. I opened my eyes and looked at him in disbelief. Had he not.....?

“Haven't you flashed yet?” I asked him, my voice laced with shock. He blinked at me again and I sighed. I grabbed his hand and closed my eyes again. “Well, the best way to teach you is to show you, I guess.”

The picture was in my head and I hoped that he would come with me. My grip tightened and I flashed. His hand never left mine and we ended up on Frank's porch.

He laughed quietly and let go of my hand. “Well, I haven't done that.” he looked like he'd just gone on three roller coasters and drank ten monsters. I rolled my eyes at him and thought.

Hmmm...maybe if I picture Frank, I'll go right to him. Here we go. I closed my eyes and we flashed again. There were twin gasps and I opened my eyes.

Yes! It worked! Oh, this must be Frank's friend. Cody was laughing a little breathlessly and I let go of his wrist. “Hey Frankie. Am I early?” I asked, putting my hands in my pockets.

His friend stuttered and sat on the bed. “Uh no, Jamie you're not. But Gee here hasn't exactly seen a ghost yet, so you kind of scared him. Who's this?” he looked at Cody.

“Oh, sorry. Cody, this is Frankie, my witch friend, and that is his friend, who I do not know. Frankie, is he like you?” I looked at his friend.

Frankie looked at the boy on his bed and back at me. “Er, not exactly. He's a vampire. And welcome Cody.” he nodded at Cody, who smiled nervously.

“So,” I said into the awkward silence. “Did you know that during every awkward silence that a gay baby is born?” Granted it was an old joke, everybody laughed.

The boy on the bed stood up and took Frank's hand. “Well there must have been two awkward silences in this room, huh Frankie?” he asked, playing with Frank's fingers. Cody sighed and smiled.

“Three,” he added, drawing the attention to him. He wasn't one for attention, so he blushed and ducked his head. I shook my head and laughed slightly. Frank smiled and sat on the bed.

“Well, let's get to know each other, then. We're all monsters, but we're not freaks.” he grinned and rolled his eyes at his friend- oops, I mean boyfriend- who smiled back, his canines long and pointed.

“And this is...?” I asked, staring at his boyfriend. Frank blushed slightly and looked at me.

“Right! Jamie, Cody, this is Gerard,” he trailed off, looking at Gerard. He poked Frank's side and giggled.

“His secret vampire boyfriend. We can't tell anybody about this because it goes against all the laws we're bound by. That includes ghosts too.” he looked back and forth between me and Cody.

“What are the laws?” Cody asked before I could open my mouth. I shot him a glance and punched his arm.

“Rude,” I muttered under my breath and the witch-vamp couple laughed on the bed.

“Well, first what Gee just told you. We're not supposed to date other species. We really shouldn't even be-” the house shook, cutting him off.

“What the hell?” Frank looked at the ceiling of his room. He and Gerard bounded off the bed and to the door, us close on their heels.

Frank rounded on us. “Stay down here!” he whisper-shouted at us. I slammed to a stop and caught Cody's arm.

I bit my lip and watched the boys fly up the stairs. No matter how bad I wanted to follow, I didn't.

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