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Chapter five: time in the forest

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hp superpower, time travel, AU post OOTP

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Chapter five
The Christmas holidays passed to quickly for Harry's liking, to soon it seemed they were returning to Hogwarts,
"Come on dears we don't want to be late for the train...what time did you say it left?"
"Midday mother"
"Midday, but it is midday now"
"Why don't we take a portkey?"
"A what?"
"You don't have them here?" asked Harry
"No...what are they?"
"A fast means of transport..." Harry cast around and picked up a large stone, "portus, come on touch this"
The family all gathered around
"Leaving in three two one"
Harry felt the familiar jerk behind his navel and landed on platform nine and three quarters
"Well... that was efficient" said Mrs Wealsy brightly from the floor
"Sorry ma'am I should have warned you about the landing" Harry blushed embarrassed
"It doesn't least you are not going to miss the train"
"Bye mother and father, I will see you at Easter"
They boarded the train
"So who was the old friend who gave you the gift? And what sweets were they?"
"Jelly beans"
"May I try one?"
"Yes..." Harry pulled out the bag... "Lets see..." he muttered and pulled out a bright red one... "These beans are a bit dodgy when they say every flavour they mean every flavour...see this one could be strawberry if your lucky...take a nibble out of the corner"
Rodrick followed his advice, "it's salty but I don't recognise it"
"Let me try...its blood..." Harry popped the entire bean in his mouth, the creamy taste of the blood was like that of melted butter on his tongue...he didn't need to drink blood but the taste of it was still appetising to him
"Harry...why are you eating a blood flavoured one?"
"I'm also part vampire...don't worry I don't have to eat blood but I still like the taste of it..."
"Right...are there any other parts of you I should know about?"
"No...I will tell you when you need to know when you need to know"
"Very well..."
When Harry reached Hogwarts he was accosted by Godric, Rowena, Helga and Salazar
"Thank you for the gifts" said Helga,
"This sword is amazing"
"This tome is very interesting, and it is nice to know how the future of this place will happen, though the translation of the story of Slytherin is wrong"
"I can't believe that they thought that I was evil, the real translation was that Slytherin kept the basilisk locked up so that it wouldn't kill anyone but when he died no one could open the chamber so we left a plea to his heir to look after him"
"And he didn't, poor Hirazt, sword through the mouth must be a very painful way to go"
"It is" said Harry dryly, "but your heir was ordering her to attack me, if I hadn't killed her then this school would not be half the school it is today"
"Good point, oh and by the way Harry, I've got all of the plaques to show the places where you damaged the great hall floor by falling on it, don't worry they are spelled to look like normal stones"
Helga spoke up "I have an idea I think we should send the students out in groups into the forest for three nights...without their wands or brooms and ask them to collect a list of unicorn hairs, phoenix feathers..."
"Angel feathers..." suggested Harry, "that will fox most of them"
"This sounds like a very good idea..." they sat up most of the night plotting the demise of the students
The next morning Harry entered the common room to find Hanna waiting for Rodrick.
"Hello Hanna,"
"Hello Harry, Harry last night Rodrick said that your very part vampire and part angel and something else you wouldn't tell's not true is it?"
"I'm afraid it is, I save Rodrick's life over the holidays by pretending to be an angel of gods army to a load of angry muggles"
"Oh...I thought it was just Rodrick trying to get one up on me"
Later found the entire school in the great hall being told what was to happen for the following week.
"You will hand your wands into may take weapons...and clothes but that is all...on Friday please return to the castle with all the samples you have been able to collect"
Hanna, Rodrick and Harry made their way over to the door, they had come prepared as Harry had told the others about the challenge the founders had set.
"Wands" called Rowena as they passed, once they had handed in their wands they made their way down the Hogwarts grounds to the forbidden forest. Once they were a little way in they stopped and looked at their parchment, Hanna gasped
"This is going to be almost impossible, where are we supposed to find all this?"
"In this forest" said Harry with a laugh, "don't worry I have met all of the creatures on this list in the forest at some point...but I suggest we find the plants first as they are easier to find."
"That is a sensible suggestion," said Rodrick, "but where do you wish to stay for the night? We do not want another team to steal our samples."
"We could sleep in the tree tops," said Harry
"How will we get there? We don't have any brooms." Asked Rodrick
"I am I an angel or not?"
"Good point"
they headed out into the forest searching for plants from which they could take there samples, it was around about midday when they found her, a phoenix who had been shot with an arrow through the wing and was unable to move, three of her tail feather were missing. Harry walked over to thee poor bird and ran his finger down its neck to sooth it, he stopped when he hear a voice
%what use is stroking me if you can't heal me you stupid human%
% I should be offended, I have less human blood than a centaur, how can you be healed? %
%angel tears are the only thing aside from a burning that will heal a phoenix, but it would take many burnings to heal the damage to this wing%
% I may be of help...I am a quarter angel...would my tears heal you? %
%yes but a price, I would share a bond with you...all phoenixes that are healed by an angel receive a bond...but I would have to pass to the land of shadows when you do%
% there would be no likelihood of me passing to that land...death has told me that I will never enter that place%
% very well then if you will, would you heal me? % said the phoenix her voice strained in pain
%yes now hold still...%
Harry allowed himself to weep and once he had collected enough tears he poured them onto the wound.
The phoenix had just recovered when they heard an agonised neighing from further into the forest
"That was a unicorn" muttered Hanna
As they ran to wards the noises the poor animal was making
The rest of the week passed in a similar fashion as they spent their time running to the wounded creatures and healing them...resting in the tree tops at the end of the day. Harry carried almost an entire quiver full of arrows with their heads stained with the bloods of magical creatures.
They were making their way to the edge of the forest when they were stopped by a herd of centaurs
"we would like to thank you for your care of the creatures of this forest...we have seen your tireless work against the owner of the bow which has sent these arrows towards many a magical creature...," the centaur who was speaking frowned. "we have decided that you are to be given the status of the amulet of truth you will have free passage while you wear this amulet...all centaurs who see this will know that you are wizards of good and kind deeds."
The centaurs presented them each with a necklace that was fashioned of silver into the form of a medallion showing each of the creatures whose life they had saved.
"The elves recognise these amulets also"
With that the centaur herd disappeared once more into the trees.
About ten minutes later they had reached the meeting point, they were among the last to return
"What took you so long Harry?" asked Godric
"the centaurs wished to speak to us about our conduct whilst in their woods...could I talk to you quietly...the arrows I have in my quiver were taken from magical animals that I had to heal due to one on the people here...the centaurs gave us the amulet of truth...I am fairly certain that it was the Malfoy child who was responsible...the fletching work on the arrows is shoddy"
"Very well..." Godric spoke loudly, "now I am glad to see that you have all returned safely...but I have grave news to of the people here shot a unicorn during there time in the woods...the centaurs are not happy about I want who ever it was to come up here now..." it seemed that whoever it was, was too cowardly to come out and admit it.
"we are very angry at this offence against these woods" came a strong voice from behind the students, who turned around to see a centaur standing behind them, "we know who committed this crime and many others, we were unable to stop this person for fear of being shot ourselves, we would have healed them but three students followed the monster who committed these crimes and healed the creatures...but the monster...the monster is that pale boy over there"
All eyes turned to look at the boy the centaur pointed at
"Drakious Malfoy who are you to dare shoot a unicorn" exclaimed Helga
"Drakious Malfoy," Godric spoke in a commanding voice, "due to your actions you are requested to leave this place...not only for our peace of mind but for the sake that were you to stay here the centaurs would attack any student who enters the forest, they will tell all of the creatures of the forest to hate the students also"
"While my father is minister for magic I may do as I wish..." Malfoy stated and then flounced up to the safety of the castle.
That night Harry went down to Hogsmeade to look for a gift for death...he had spent almost an hour searching for it when he found the perfect was a book in the humorous section of the bookshop, the title was, "the predicted reactions of several notable figures when they enter death by Hava Lough" once he had brought it he went up to nowhere, death was there waiting for him
"I believe you owe me a gift....Harry potter"
"...I've got one here" Harry handed him the book
" managed to by me a book I don't already have"
"Well I'm glad...I was wondering what happens to Drakious Malfoy?"
"I am afraid that he stays at Hogwarts and so causes the forest to become forbidden to all students"
"I knew Malfoy was evil, but he shot a unicorn and I had to heal a phoenix,"
"So you now have two familiars?"
Harry nodded
"Then I think you will probably have four familiars to placate your four heritages"
"So I have the ones angel and elf sides"
"Yes...I think you should visit the vampires when you return to your own time and the elves"
"Sounds like I'm going to busy...I was wondering...could you tell me my animagus form?"
"Don't tell me I have two..." groaned Harry
"Two? Boy didn't I tell you the only thing you couldn't do was die?"
"At least it take me a while to learn all these does one become an animagus"
"Normally they use a magui potion but in your case you need only concentrate on the animal you wish to become"
"What are Hanna and Rodrick's forms?"
"Hanna is a sniget, and Rodrick is a wolf"
"So how do they become an animagus?"
"The same way as you do...the hard part about becoming an animagus is knowing your form."
"Right...death...does any time pass when I am here?"
"No there is no such thing as time in nowhere."
"Good well I had better be getting back to school"
"Good bye"
"So what are exams?"
"They are tests to see how we have learned over the year..."
"Harry we were is it that you know all these how did you know our animagus forms?" asked Hanna
"Death told's a pity Gryffindor walked in on us when we had transformed and decided he had to register us..."
"He is so much a one for rules"
The exams passed with little hassle, Harry had done reasonably well.
At the end of term he decided to say good bye to the founders and travel for the last four weeks he was in this time.
So it was on the last day of term that Harry could be found walking into a muggle pub, he had exchanged some of his money with a muggle born witch in his year, so he ordered a room and dinner, then went out to walk in the town, he headed towards the market he had passed through earlier, it took his a long time to get there through the jostling crowds of people. It was interesting to say the least, and a little precarious as frequent sounds of garde lou could be heard from the houses that lined the street. Harry brought himself what looked like the ancient form of a hamburger. He it was as he was passing the book stores that he felt a hand stray near his belt purse
"I wouldn't bother" he said loud enough for the person to hear, "it is full of rocks"
"well tha' sensible, but were your walking ain't" Harry turned to see a scrawny man pacing towards him
"And where would that be?"
"To death, then I will be able to take your robes and money and of course your blood"
"As much as I would like to meet death again...I think you would fine my blood unappetising"
"It would make a meal" the scrawny man grinned to reveal his fangs, the man was a vampire. Harry allowed his own canines to grow to their natural length
"I doubt it; the blood of vampires is poisonous"
"Wonderful, the first time I corner someone and they are a vampire you have any money for a brother?"
"The clan of vampires discarded my mother due to her parent hood I have no allegiance to the clan...yet, but here is a gold piece to help you in your be gone"
the man scampered away, Harry looked at the sky it was dusk, he noticed that the street was empty, now he was worried, he hid his fangs once more and started to return to the inn, he could feel beady eyes watching him, he sighed he really did not want to get into a fight. Ahead he could see that the street he was on was blocked by hulking figures, a quick glance over his shoulder informed him that his route back wards was blocked too
"What do you want?" he called
"You money of course"
"Are you god fearing people?"
"Then you would do well not to rob me"
"We are god fearing yes but we consider it our right to take money from those in our territory after dark"
"What if the prey bites back?"
"You would not be able to fight us all"
"Too true, but I have a message to deliver, I must be on my way...for it is not my fault that I am in your territory after dark...I have to go were god sends me"
"If you are a priest then why are you so reluctant to give to the poor?"
"I am not will you let me past"
"then I will take my leave of you mortals you are not worthy of my notice" Harry hated speaking like this but he could not think of any other way they would listen to him, he also hated fooling muggles into thinking he was a messenger of god the disturbing likely hood that they would bow down at his feet, but nether the less he allowed his wings to become visible and took off and flew to his inn, settling near to the door before entering the inn, the food was good as was the ale.
During the summer Harry visited many places.
On the thirtieth of July Harry was sitting in a forest waiting...he closed his eyes and found himself back in his bedroom of number four privet drive
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