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The Reality

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FRERARD! Just a short oneshot about reality..please R&R :) edited it slightly- 16/6/11

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hey guys, this is just a little short oneshot i thought of...please R&R and hope you enjoy :)

disclaimer: this is purely FICTION

Endless hours, a thousand heartbeats, a dozen restless, sleep-deprived nights I wait for those short two hours of life, those simple two hours where reality is irrelevant, the impossible is possible, where my empty shell becomes a soul. Blinding stage lights, deafening drumbeats, pounding guitar melodies and the ear-splitting screams from the crowd; the familiar sounds I associate with feeling happy, alive and real. I don't have to pretend I'm someone I'm not for those two hours, I don't have to hold back my emotions, I don't have hide behind the mask that keeps all my real feelings under the surface, where no one can see them. I live for those two hours on stage, where I can just play my heart out and nothing else doesn't matter when I come up behind you and kiss your neck as you scream the chorus, it doesn't matter when I grind my hips against yours as you prance sweatily across the stage, or even when I smash my lips feverishly against yours, soft and slick from the singing, cutting you off and letting the crowd scream it's approval, belting out the verse for you. It doesn't matter because you, along with everyone else think it's just an act, just something we do on stage to piss the homophobes off or something that's totally spur of the moment. But it's not. It's something I long for, I dream for, I waste wishes over. The feel of your cherry lips on mine, eager, dancing, wild, your hair sweaty and hanging in you your face, tickling my nose and smelling of smoke and sweat and singing, your long, pale fingers twirling round my hair, dragging me into your skinny, sweat drenched chest, making my heart pound wildly, my thoughts whirl, my chest ache with a longing finally stifled...after that, the minutes pass like the beats of my frenzied heart, and all too soon the lights go down and it's all over; when the lights go down, I have to face the reality, put the mask back on, go back to being alone, pretend I don't care.
Pretend I don't love you, love you so much more than I should.
Go back to living the lie that everyone else believes.

I know it was short, it was kinda meant to be like that...just Frank's real thoughts on Gerard. hope it was okay, thanks for reading and please please R&R :)

CosmicZombie xo

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