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ill prove it REWRITTEN

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i rewrote the story but messed up and uploaded the old story so heres the new version! :D my chemical romance is being blamed for a girls suicide and tht brings gerard into a deep depressin can the...

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"Hurry up we got a show to get to or did you forget”
Said ray looking ready to go .Gerard strained his eyes using the all to small paint brush
‘One sec this mask isnt as easy to put on as you think said gerard applying the last black base to his mask.
Well hurry up I drank three red bulls and ate a bag of skittles and im ready to go on stage said frank way to hyper for his own good . “okay im done said gerard putting all his supply's up.
Ray started to chase Gerard around out the bus pretending to smudge his mask “stop please stop ray dnt make me shave your fro in your sleep!!” gerard laughed as hey ran off the bus tonight. “
Ill stop if you hurry up” ray huffed tired of running after gerard. ok ill hurry up just dont smudge my mask!” mikey bob frank come on ause if my ,ask gets smudged its your heads” gerard laughed .
“okay somebodys got their skinny jeans in a bunch” mikey said jumping off the bus “lets go getty up bobby” frank said jumping on bobs back almost making him fall
“How many times do I have to tell you not to do that you four foot tall monster!” bob yelled .
I don't know a billion frank said sounding like a hyper six year old .
“Get off you little gremlin bob said trying not to laugh and shake him off that made gerard and mikey fall into a fit of laughter.
“Just carry him” ray said trying not to laugh but failed. I am not going to carry this grown man said bob now get off” bob giggled.
“Fine frank said but don’t ask me for anything frank said sticking his tongue out and walking off “ok lets go” said gerard and they all start running toward the concert stadium.

On stage they were playing Helena and it was their last song the crowd was screeching and gerard noticed something that terrified him. A girl had her hand up in the to the music and saw deep cuts all up and down her arm and he completely felt guilty his eyes started to water as he sang the sad song .
“YOUR ALL BEAUTYFUL “ gerard screamed befor they left the stage . The stage director rick came up to them he was holding a news paper and had an astonished look on his face and said ‘hey have you seen the news the are saying some pretty crazy stuff. “what did they say”mikey said raising an very angular eyebrow.
“They said your a suicide cult a girl had killed herself and mentioned some metaphors from the band their blaming her death on you guys”
gerard felt like he had been punched in the stomach “what why would it be are fault what did we do” gerard said quietly .”This can not be our fault why are they saying something like this” ray said looking slightly angry he knew that face gerard made it was the same face he made when Helena passed away. “I have no idea but I know this is B.S. rick said shaking his head and walking away.
“Wow news reporters do anything to get a story huh? Well don’t let it bother you gee lets all get some sleep and just think about this tommoro” frank said putting an arm on gerards shoulder and guiding everyone back to the bus.
A/N i had to rewrite ths story because it was horrible at first so here you go hope you like it chapter 2 will be up soon :D
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