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Chapter Two: Rebirth

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Chapter 2: Rebirth

Ashiaya lie on the stone cold floor, not moving. She had decided it was a floor about two hours ago... Or was it two days ago? Time seemed to slip away like grains of sand in her hand that kept blowing away with the wind. She had also decided she had nothing but undergarments on; they had removed all her armor! The place smelled like feted meat. She opened her eyes, face pressed to the floor. Next to her was an Tuaren (A member of the Horde, an opposing faction, that seemed to resemble a Man-Cow, with a finely tanned hide and horns growing from his head and hooves on his feet, but he had the humanoid aspect of five fingered hands.) He was breathing slightly too.

Above her, she could hear a loud authoritative voice, ringing through the hall near her. The command was not clear at first, it sounded like gibberish, but it slowly formed understanding in her head. "You two, awake this one" It was not clear who he was referring to at first. The order was answered by a shuffling and a sudden incantation that too sounded strange, and was hissed by one of the two figured standing by Ashiaya. "Rise!" The Tuaren next two her was lifted into the air by a green light, he was not so gently set down and placed on his knees.

The Tuaren looks around, clearly confused at his where abouts. "Where am I-.... the pain.... is unbearable...." The same booming voice who gave the first command spoke again.

"This one has been awoken to early; it still has emotion and feels pain, dispose of it." The two other voices hissed in obedience in unison, "Yes instructor." Then the Instructor spoke to the Tuaren with finality "You have been measured, and have been found wanting."

Ashiaya saw the feet of the Instructor walking away leaving his subordinates to deal with him. The second one of the two spoke, "Rissssee minoinsssss and feassst upon the weeeak!" Suddenly the ground began to tremble and born of several holes nearby five ghouls with rotting flesh and exposed bones clawed their way out and began swiping and maiming the confused creature.

Even Ashiaya felt pity for it, as its last moments of life were spent being gutted by mindless ghouls. Within mere seconds the figure collapsed, and no sooner did his body hit the floor then the ghouls begin hungrily devouring his corpse.A moment, and all that was left was a single bone: scratched at, and the marrow clawed out and eaten. The ghouls squeezed into the holes from whence they came and burrowed themselves beneath the stone.

Ashiaya decided she probably would do best not being eaten, after all this was a chance to end this war before it even TRULY started. Soon the heavy footsteps came near Ashiaya and she could feel the instructor hovering over her. "What is this one doing here? The master ordered that she be put aside from here and in a place where you can keep an eye over her at all times, never mind that she been lying here for too long, no doubt she is listening get her up and see if she IS the one he has been looking for."

The command was spoken for her to rise, but this time it echoed through her mind over and over. Ashiaya felt no resistance, no pain, there was only one desire only one goal all that mattered- Obey. Before she knew what she was doing, Ashiaya stood.

In front of her was two necromancers, one male one female, both human, they wore identical uniforms. Imbued deathweave with hoods shrouding their heads and masks covering there faces up to their eyes. Behind them was what seemed to be the interior of a fortress, made completely of stone, a black-grey marble. The walls seemed to curve forming a circular feel. Lining the walls where small forges that glowed with a blue light. In the center the ground lowered and formed a ring in the center about the size of a watch tower. Chained to the walls of this circle were prisoners of every race, Alliance and Horde from Orcs to Gnomes.

Two areas that lined the walls where cleared. One of them was full of armor and weapon forges, two enslaved humans banged endlessly at the metal, perfecting every piece to precision.

The two slaves were supervised by a walking skeleton carrying a blacksmithing hammer. The other area consisted of vendors, supplying the required regents for certain spells. A hulking mass about 7 feet high and seemed to be a teeming abomination of flesh and skin sewn together, marched up and down the vendors area yelling nonsense, she didn't think it was any language at all, a contempt-filled glare from a undead merchant confirmed that.

Beyond the inner ring to the far other side strait in front of her was about 6 or 7 steps leading up to a platform, in the middle of the of the steps was a pad on the floor, glowing purple. On top of the platform there was a dark figure, standing on a railed balcony, to either side of him was glowing green orbs mounted on pedestals.

The Instructor, a tall figure with blue glowing eyes just like the Death Knights back in Elwynn, looked her over. Ashiaya considered for a moment what she ought to say, she felt though she did not really have a choice. She kneeled. "I Ashiaya Shar'adore Gladerunner live to serve the Lich King and will bring honor (since when did the Scourge have honor?) and glory to the Scourge." She loathed herself for saying it, yet a sense of pride seemed to resonate in her heart despite that.

"Rise Ashiaya Gladerunner, Death Knight of Archerus, these necromancers will supply you with fitting armor for the upcoming battles, when you are ready, our dark master requests to see you."

Ashiaya rose.
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