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cinderella kotor version

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Pairing: HK-47 x Male Revan Summary: A kotor parody: Cinderella or should I say HK-Rella.

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Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away from here...

On a planet called Coruscant, lived a very unhappy genderless droid.

"Query: Do I have to remind you that I was designed to be programming Masculine?"
(HK-47 as Cinderella)

I know but it's for not scaring off the people who had just read the pairing of this story.

"Interrogation: Pairing?! What Pairing?

Er...Let us continue the story, shall we?

"Statement: Yes I am desperate...Desperate house wife."

He was no ordinary droid.

"Statement: Obviously..."

For he was a servant.

"Indignation: Hey !"

And served his step mother

"Query: By serving, you mean shoot her?"

Er...No...And it's a 'he'.

HK-rella turned around and saw his step mother.

"Horrified: THIS is my step mother? !"


"Query: since when my step mother has a beard?"

"What are you still doing here HK-rella? Go to work !"
(Canderous Ordo, Mandalore as The mean step mother.)

And his very mean step sister :

"Yeah work faster!"
(Bastila Shan as the mean step sister)

She also have psychological problems.

"Nya Nya, Dark side, Nya Nya, Dangerous, Nya Nya, I'm immunised to your charms, Nya Nya."

"Query: May I shoot them all before I shoot myself?"

You don't have a blaster...for now .

They took much joy in making HK-rella's life hell...

In one word he lived a crappy life...

"Wait a bit until I find something to shoot you, you'll see then..." said HK-rella while cleaning the toilet.

All HK-rella really wanted in his wretched, miserable existence was...blowing someone with a grenade...

But one day, one faithful day would change him forever.

"Explanation: Yes. Cleaning the toilet has changed me forever."


HK-rella's step family was invited to prince Revan's ball.

And of course HK-rella had to stay home and do chores.

"I'll make the prince fall for me, then I will reject him and then I will make him fall to the dark side. HOHOHO." said the step sister Bastila.

She was wearing a beautiful brown robe and the step mother...well...

"I have no dignity."

He was wearing a mini skirt and you could see his non shaved legs...Very ugly by the way.

So HK-rella's step family got all dressed up and went to Prince Revan's palace for the ball.

And so HK-rella stayed at home doing laundry.

"Statement: Thank goodness that droids don't possess a nose, I would have died of horror if I were to smell their disgusting sweat."

Still, HK-rella was really sad not to go to the ball.

Thinking of all the meatbags he would have to shoot there...

Through the lonely night, HK-rella wept and wept.

"Statement: I'm a droid , I can't cry."

I SAID, he wept and wept and then all of a sudden...!!

There was a burst of light and two fairy appeared before HK-rella. One had blue skin and the other one had fur.

"Don't worry HK-rella! We're here to help you!"
(Mission Vao as the first fairy)

"'Mumbling in wookie language'"
(Zaalbar as the second fairy)

"Yeah, Yeah Big Z, we'll eat something once we are done helping him."

"Query: who are you? And Why are you blue and him with hair all over his body?"

"I'm your fairy godparent! And this is my assistant Zaalbar."

"'Greeting in wookie language.'"

"Fairy godparent?! Then why did you let me suffer all those years under those stinky meatbags?!"

"Uhm...Good question...I was busy...I guess..." said Mission the fairy while thinking.

"Anyway I heard that you can't go to the ball and I decided to do something about it! Right Big Z?"

"'Cheer in wookie language'"

"Query: But how are you going to make me go to the ball?"

"Simple! With magic!" Said a cheerful Fairy Mission.

She put something on HK-rella's head.

"...That's a blond wig with some glue on it..." he said.

"Yeah and all we need now is a pink dress!"

"'Praying in wookie language'"

After a few moment of preparation, HK-rella was ready to go to the ball with a big blaster and a few grenades.

How was he convinced to be dressed in a pink dress ?

Well as long as he got to shoot someone he doesn't care.

"Now go HK-rella, your carriage is waiting outside to bring you to the ball. Good luck!" Mission the fairy was really supportive.

"Whining in wookie language" Zaalbar was worried and most of all hungry.

"Use the Ebon Hawk to go to the palace, T3 will drive."

"Query: I have to use a Ship to go over a palace?"

"It's faster that way...Oh by the way, You'll have to come back before midnight."


"Because the glue on the wig will fade away after midnight. Now go!"

Meanwhile at Prince Revan's palace.

All around the room, couples danced on the central dance floor so blithe and carefree, managing to portray it even within the strict confines of the dance steps. And they should be, for it was not every day that such a happy occasion came to light, to be celebrated in such a manner, that allowed them such freedom that would still remain seemly.

The foreigners mingled and tried new things...

Sadly, some people had to be turned away at the door...

And Prince Revan sat at his throne bored...

You see, ever since the original heir, prince Revan's brother, Darth Sion ran off with that...Thing...Nihilus, he was never the same anymore. He couldn't bear it that his brother would be in love with a guy who doesn't even have a face! He's been so tyrannical, he complains about the party but he wanted it in the first place!!

"Remember, when I say orange juice, I mean Tropicana and NOT minute maid!" Said prince Revan while beating the crap out of his servant.

"'gaps' Prince Revan is sooo noble..." Said the blushing step sister Bastila.

End of first chapter.
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