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Bad Dreams

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Axl has a nightmare; Slash comforts him.

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Slash was sleeping peacefully, one arm tossed over his head, thick curls falling gently over his face. His other arm was draped over Axl’s waist; even in sleep, their fingers, which met at the singer’s crotch, were intertwined.

Suddenly Axl jerked, startling Slash awake. The guitarist looked down in time to see his singer twitch a few times, then start to cry, silvery tears coursing down his sleep-flushed cheeks.

“Slash…” Axl mumbled, moving his hands on the cool sheets. “Um…Saul no… stop, don’t go…” His other hand flew out and his fingers curled on empty air. His breath came in sharp, shuddery gasps. “Slash, please!” he screamed, panic filling his voice, and then his eyes flew open.

Slash had been staring down at Axl, shocked, but when the redhead woke up he shook himself into reality and said, “Axe? Axl… are you okay?”

Axl rolled over and stared at Slash for nearly a minute before he finally seemed to recognize him. A low moan pulled from his throat and he said, “I—I—”

Slash reached over and stroked Axl’s cheek, wiping the tears away. “What, honey? What is it?”

“I dreamed that… you left me… you just left without saying goodbye.” Axl started crying again. “I called your name, and you never turned back. You never even slowed down… I felt so lost…”

Slash’s heart jerked. He folded his lover into his arms, cradling him against his chest as he gently nuzzled the smaller man’s soft copper hair. “Shh… I’d never do that, you know I love you… I could never leave you…” He stroked Axl’s back; kissed his temple. He could feel the singer relaxing in his arms and started to settle back himself, but then Axl spoke again, voice muffled against Slash’s chest:

“Promise… promise me, Saul…”

“Anything, Axl.”

“Promise you’ll stay forever…promise you won’t leave…” Axl lifted his head and stared at Slash, his bloodshot green eyes boring into the younger man’s darker ones. The guitarist reached out and rubbed his calloused thumb against the singer’s pale cheek again.

“I promise. I won’t ever leave.”

Axl smiled vaguely. “Good,” he murmured, eyelids drifting shut. “G’night, Saul… I love you…”

Slash tightened his grip on Axl and kissed his forehead. “’Night, Axe… I love you too.”
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