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Drink and Drive

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"Psst... Hey Tommy, wake up."
Tommy opened his eyes and saw Erik's face. He instantly smiled, which made Erik beam like his usual self. His pants were still down from last night. "You should go back in your bed before Vince and Mick wake up," Erik whispered. Tommy kissed him softly. "Okay. We're performing tonight. Well, in a couple hours. And you should pull your pants up."
Tommy got out of Erik's bed and went to his own. An empty bottle of whiskey was sitting on his sheets, and a few empty cigarette packages were strewn across the floor. Tommy opened a new package and lit the cigarette. He look a long drag and opened his drawer. Nikki's face looked back at him. Tommy choked on the smoke, and guiltily picked up the picture and brought it to his face. "I'm so sorry, Nikki. When I die I'll be with you forever, but for now I need to move on. It's the only way I won't kill myself." He put the picture back down and closed the drawer. He took another long drag on his cigarette, trying to calm his nerves. Once he'd smoked down to the filter, he put it out in between his fingers. Sighing, he lit up a small joint and took a few drags from it. He felt his body begin to calm down, and he put it out and saved it for later. Bored, he wandered up to the front section of the bus. The driver looked exhausted. Tommy picked up a half empty bottle of tequila and downed it all in one gulp. He winced; it tasted foul. He coughed a few times, and approached the driver. "Hey, man, are you tired? I can drive for a bit while you take a nap or whatever."
The driver didn't look at Tommy, but instead kept his eyes on the road, glancing at a map on the dashboard occasionally. "That would be great, I'll come get you at the next rest stop."
Tommy wandered over to one of the couches and sat himself down. He found a full bottle of Jagermeister under the cushion, and he popped it open against the side of the table in front of him. He took a long swig from the bottle, and then another. He went to take another sip when he realized it was completely empty. Confused, he rested his head on the couch cushion and waited for the driver to come and get him. It only seemed like a few seconds before he was approached by the driver. "Hey, Tommy. Thanks for doing this, bud. You can come get me when we're near Houston. Thanks again."
Tommy nodded his head in the driver's direction, and he went up to the front of the bus. He quickly became confused at all the buttons and notches that were needed to drive the bus. He sighed and crossed his fingers before he sat down in the driver's seat. He started up the bus and pushed down on the gas pedal. He didn't realize how wasted he was, so he went jolting forward instead of easing into the line of traffic on the highway. He couldn't make the bus slow down, no matter how hard he tried, and he fumbled around for different ways to stop the bus. Too late, Tommy realized the bus was heading towards a giant platform next to an 18-wheeler. He frantically tried to swerve the bus in a different direction, but in his drunken state of mind actually went careening into the truck at full speed. He got thrown backwards and landed somewhere where the couches were. He heard flames combust somewhere around him. That was the last thing he remembered before he blacked out.

A/N - Suspense! Keep an eye out for another chapter out soon...
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