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To Love and Laugh Again

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Frank, a troubled teenager, dosen't believe in love, will a certain pale skinned boy change his mind, or help those thouhts crash and burn? (frerard)

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What does one think about when they see two adolescents walking hand in hand down the street? Or laying peacefully together, cuddled up to one another, seeing the different hues of warm colors telling a story in the orange sky or watching the stars flicker in the midnight blue sky? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, 'teenage love'? The most probable answer could either be 'Oh they're young and innocent' or 'oh they're too young to tell what true love is'. Am I right? Well you know what I think? I think it's a sappy, 'drama'-filled experience. I tend to wonder if the whole 'true love' deal is true, I mean, nothing lasts forever, so why would two 16-17, probably younger, year olds last such an impossible time period known as 'forever'? Im asking too many questions aren't I? Oh there I go again. Well I can't help this over active mind I was 'graced' with. You can ask many teenagers like me how they feel about love and see what they tell you, see if their ideas concur with mine. Although I myself am a teenager, I cannot tell you what they think. I can tell you what I think, and what I've been through to draw such conclusions.

Let's say we go back, say, middle school? How about before that, say, elementary? Yes, elementary, where my troubles begin. Now, to put it plain and simple, I've experienced certain traumas over my short life period. Somehow god took pity on me and gave me a loving family, whom god knows what ditch or cemetery id be calling home in now if it wasn't for them. My mother and father work hard to get me the things I want and keep me happy, now wait, before you call me a snobbish spoiled brat, I swear to god, or whatever you believe in that I am not. I know my place, I don't ask for unnecessary or luxury things, if I do have them it's because they were a present, and let me tell you I take care of them like they were my children. Like good parents normally do, they tell me im amazing, handsome, creative, etc. But as the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and let me tell you; pretty much none of the kids saw me as any of those things.

I was a freak, the unwanted child. Why? Hell if I know, I was a child, hell, even now I don't know why I was shunned through my childhood years, the years that should be the best of my life. To tell the truth the best years I've had so far are the three I've had in high school. Unlike people that see children running around playing say, "Oh I wish I was a kid again" I respond, "Hell no." Sure I'll be a kid to experience the innocence again, not knowing why they hate you, but not to relive those years. In high school I made friends, real friends. I guess you could say that's why they're my favorite years; I've discovered myself per se.

Im not going to get into my childhood, it would be completely irrelevant to this tale. You just needed a bit of background to know why im fucked up like this. To know why the word love didn't send chills down my spine, or made my stomach become an expert gymnast until a certain boy came along. You see, with high school came girlfriends and what not, broken hearts, blah, blah, blah, and the usual shit. However, im going to tell you about how my world shined and was full of delight then became shattered and miserable by a certain boy. A certain pale skinned, black hair dyed, hazel-eyed bastard that made the simple word love cause me to cringe, Gerard.
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