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Chapter 18 (It's So Miserable and Stunning)

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"Tiffany! She knows," Brynn said forcefully. "She knows I was…I am Ann!"

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The next morning Brynn rose quite early hoping to sneak out of the house before Clair and Cher did. She didn't want to face them after yesterday's events. She quietly grabbed her things and started her walk to school.
In Chemistry that morning she sat through Mr. Walker's notes on momentum without taking in one word. She was thinking of how to tell Brendon. She had agreed that she would, but when the agreement was made she didn't know it would be so difficult. Roz saw Brynn's far off stares and gave her a slight tap with her elbow. She nodded towards the board telling her to jot down some notes. Brynn nodded and decided to pay more attention.
So the morning flew by and Brynn still hadn't thought of a good way to tell Brendon that she was his Ann. How could she? Wonder if he didn't believe her? She stalked into English with a few encouraging words from Roz.
"Just don't think about it so much," she said leading the distraught girl to her seat. "Just tell him!"
Brynn nodded and sat down with her books. Maybe she was over-thinking it.
Tiffany and her posse of girls filed in soon and took their places in the front. Tiffany looked especially happy today for reasons Brynn could not figure out why. The word around the school is Brendon had dumped her. What did she have to smile about after that?
"Okay class," Mrs. Bisker called. "Today your essays on your Greek goddesses are due."
"What!" Dane exploded. "I thought they were due next week."
Mrs. Bisker rolled her eyes at the boy and chose to ignore his outburst. "I suggest we read them out loud to the class. Any volunteers?"
Brynn slunk down not wanting to get called on for this set-up for embarrassment.
"I'll go," Tiffany said suddenly.
Brynn sat back up in her seat and looked over at Roz seeing if she was shocked by this event. She didn't seem wavered. In fact, she looked asleep.
"Very good," Mrs. Bisker smiled. "Come, come."
Tiffany glided out of her seat and took her place at the front of the room. She smiled and cleared her throat before looking down at her paper to begin reading. "Aphrodite," she read. "the goddess of beauty was not only beautiful but popular as well. Her grace and fairness was seen by all and especially by all the men including Zeus the hottest guy in Greece."
Brynn sat up straighter and leaned forward interested in exactly how this was a report of Aphrodite.
"Then Aphrodite's happiness was threatened with the arrival of a new, slightly less attractive goddess." Tiffany stopped here to smile. Then she did something unexpected. She looked right at Brynn. Brynn didn't know what to do so she looked back down at her desk trying to pretend as though she hadn't made eye contact. "Her god was stole away from her," Brynn heard Tiffany continue. "She was furious, but she did not lose her cool. She knew no one would be a beautiful as her, so she waited until Zeus spent his time with this new goddess..."
Brynn felt her face burning now. Was Tiffany talking about her? No, she couldn't be. She didn't know. How could she know?
"then just like Aphrodite knew he would, Zeus came back to her because the other goddess," Tiffany stopped to have a short laugh. "Well she...was nothing more than human."
Brynn couldn't resist anymore. She looked up slowly and sure enough Tiffany had her gaze on her. Brynn looked away as an awkward clap began from the class. It was soon followed by Clair and Cher's applause of 'bravo' and 'wonderful Tiffany'.
"Well that was nice," Mrs. Bisker said coming to stand by Tiffany. "Well done!"
Tiffany smiled and walked back to her seat, but not before giving Brynn and quick sneer.
What is going on? Brynn thought. Why is she looking at me like that? Then it hit her. She has to know.

"Roz! Roz!" Brynn half whispered half shouted at her dozing friend. "She knows!"
Roz looked up as though her nap shouldn't have been interrupted. "What are you talking about?" She said groggily.
"Tiffany! She knows," Brynn said forcefully. "She knows I was…I am Ann!"
Roz raised her head all the way up now staring at Brynn as though she were crazy. "She couldn't possibly know," she said looking over at Tiffany quickly who was making small talk with her flock.
"Trust me Roz, she does!" Brynn said starting to panic. "What am I going to do? She can't tell Brendon...I mean especially before I do."
Roz looked back at Brynn and gave her a reassuring nod. "Don't worry," she said. "We have lunch next. Make it the first thing you do. You have to tell Brendon now!"
Brynn gave a nod and turned back into her seat. There was no turning back now.
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