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Bare Grace Misery

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Gerard is exhausted, but Frank wants to play.

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Chapter Ten: Bare Grace Misery

Gerard had come home from the store to find Bandit's room an absolute mess. He had also come to find Frank and Bandit both walking around with their arms stretched out ahead of them, making roaring noises and pretending to "terrorize" all of Bandit's stuffed toys, which were now all over not only the floor of her bedroom, but somehow had found their way to the floors of other rooms of the house as well. Gerard had to restrain himself from yelling. Lindsey had always worked hard to make sure most of Bandit's stuffed toys stayed neatly on their shelves. She would have just died had she been the one to walk in on this. However, Frank's antics with Bandit couldn't help but make the corners of Gerard's mouth twitch upward just a little bit.

However this also left him with the daunting task of having to clean up the mess, and he was already so tired from doing the errands. Frank had been apologetic about it, and Gerard had insisted it was fine. Frank had been such a great emotional help for both he and Bandit that he almost didn't mind.

Yet still, after then having to cook dinner almost immediately after straightening out the aftermath of this "Godzilla" attack, Gerard was positively exhausted by the end of the night. He collapsed onto his bed and reached for his iPhone, ready to play a couple of rounds of Angry Birds before falling asleep when he heard a knock on his door.

Begrudgingly, he got up to go get it. Frank was standing, grinning on the other side, in his Hogwarts robes, a pair of thick rimmed glasses, and from what it looked to be, a sharpie drawn lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Gerard had no words. He was just way too tired for this.

"No.", was all Gerard said as he made to close the door on Frank.

"Oh c'mon!", Frank laughed, pushing the door open. He succeeded, as he was significantly stronger than Gerard was, "Put on your robes! I haven't seen you in them! Let's take pictures! I'll post them on Twitter, our fans'll love it!"

"Ugh... I don't know Frankie, I'm feeling a bit tired..."

"C'mon, pleeeeeassseee?” Frank gave Gerard his best "puppy dog eyes" look. Gerard couldn't resist. Frank just had such large, adorable, beautiful eyes. One would have to have no soul to resist them.

"Okay.", Gerard gave in exasperatedly. Frank squealed happily as Gerard wandered over to where he had put his robes. As he changed into them in the bathroom, Gerard contemplated on his disbelief that he was being persuaded by a grown man to play dress up at 11 at night.

He emerged and a flash of light brightened the room. Frank was taking pictures already.

“You look fucking awesome!” Frank teased.

“Alright, I’m in the stupid robes, now what?” Gerard asked Frank.

“Let’s take pictures!” Frank grinned, practically jumping up and down.

“Fine.” Gerard agreed as Frank walked over to him, and slung an arm around his shoulders, taking a picture of both of them together.

Eventually some of Frank’s random perkiness rubbed off on Gerard, and he started getting into it. He even got some fake wands that they could pose with. They made a whole photo shoot out of it, taking pictures of themselves in battle poses and ridiculous stances.

“Let’s role play! I’ll be Harry, you can be Malfoy.” Frank smirked.

“Fuck off Potter!” Gerard feigned a British accent, “You don’t tell me who I get to be!”

“So Malfoy of you.” Frank crossed his arms and mimicked Gerard’s accent, “Why don’t you go suck off Snape in the dungeons?”

“That’s only on Friday’s.” Gerard giggled.

“Well why wait till Friday when I’m right here, Malfoy?” Frank teased.

“Ugh. Potter. Don’t kid yourself. Snape’s cock is far worthier of my blowjobs than your puny little dick.”

Frank brought his hand to his chest and puffed it out, his mouth gaping open, feigning an appalled look. “Is that a challenge? Well fine!”

And Frank dropped his pants. Gerard jumped back. Frank didn’t have any underwear on. And he was already erect. It was huge. Frank displayed himself proudly, both his hands at his hips, smirking.

“Start sucking.” Frank said smugly.

And to Frank’s extreme surprise, Gerard smirked and got down on his knees. But he wasn’t about to stop him either. Gerard wrapped his lips around Frank’s hardness, and his tongue caressed it hungrily. Frank moaned, and Gerard felt more encouraged. Gerard sucked on it hard, stroking Frank’s cock with his lips as he went back and forth on it slowly. Frank savored it, but he wanted to go faster. He wanted to feel Gerard’s tongue fucking ravage him. He grabbed Gerard by the top of his hair, and started thrusting his cock more and more aggressively into Gerard’s mouth. Gerard adjusted himself to the change of speed well, and he bobbed his head back and forth onto Frank’s cock harder. Frank groaned and moaned as Gerard did wonders with that tongue, with those soft, baby lips. He felt himself almost about to cum, and he stopped himself, wanting to drag this out. He after all, had wanted this with Gerard for so god damn long.

Frank removed the rest of his upper clothing. He then pulled away from Gerard’s mouth and picked Gerard up by the shoulders and shoved him onto the bed, laying him flat on the mattress. He then proceeded to unbutton Gerard’s pants and yank them straight off, only to see that Gerard was already hard underneath his boxers. He removed those too, and prepared himself to return Gerard’s favor. He slid his mouth onto it steadily, earning a gasp from Gerard’s lips. Gerard felt the moisture of Frank’s mouth embrace his penis, as Frank spread Gerard’s legs apart further. As Frank sucked on him eagerly, Gerard felt Frank rove his fingers around the stretch of skin between his testicles and his anus, applying pressure to it. Gerard whimpered, his breathing speeding up more and more by the second. Frank quickened his movements and Gerard felt himself pushing into Frank’s mouth, overwhelmed by the sensation. Frank cupped Gerard’s balls and Gerard moaned at the sensation.

Frank moved on, helping Gerard remove the rest of his clothing. He went for some nipple play as he proceeded to suck on one of Gerard’s nipples and would finger around the other, then switch. Gerard always had rather large nipples. Frank had been wanting to play with them for ages. He felt Gerard use his hands to play around with his nipples as well. Frank was feeling increasingly turned on due to the short, small gasping noises that Gerard was emitting, and when he looked up he could see Gerard was blushing almost as red as his hair.

“Frank…” Gerard groaned as Frank sucked on his left nipple particularly hard.

Frank felt Gerard’s hard cock rub against his own hardness, their legs entwined. Frank had to have him, he just couldn’t take it anymore! He flipped Gerard around suddenly.

“Lube.” Frank breathed out. Gerard pointed to the top drawer on his bedside table and Frank went to get it quickly, squirting plenty on his hand and on Gerard’s anus. He used the hand that was covered in lube and fingered Gerard’s entrance, spreading the lube evenly. Gerard moaned in earnest. Frank wanted this to be amazing for both of them.

He grabbed at Gerard’s waist, leaned in and whispered, “You ready to get fucked, Malfoy?”

“Only by you Potter.” Gerard replied seductively. Next thing he knew, Frank was sliding into him. He could feel his asshole stretch out slowly, and it felt painful and pleasurable at the same time. Gerard yelped as he felt Frank hit his prostate. He knew Frank was trying to be gentle at first, and he was right --- Frank was extremely nervous about hurting Gerard. He did appear rather frail, after all. But Gerard encouraged Frank to go faster, egging him on. And so he did. Frank thrust and thrust and thrust into Gerard harder and harder. Both of them groaned and moaned in unison. The beast in Frank really came out eventually, as he grabbed a fistful of Gerard’s hair and yanked his head back. Gerard let out a yell. Frank spun Gerard around in a different position, where Gerard was lying on his back. Frank grabbed Gerard’s legs and pushed on them, so they were bent and for the most part, Gerard’s entire lower half was being squished together, down into the mattress. Gerard was screaming his name, his head rolling around, and sweat covering both of them. Gerard was gripping the bed sheets as though he was trying to prevent himself from being abducted.

Frank felt himself about to cum, and screamed “GERARD!” just as Gerard screamed “FRANK!”, and he exploded into Gerard. Frank pushed himself as deep into Gerard’s anus as he could when he did, and he felt all the semen pouring out like a flood. Once he could push himself in no further, he heard Gerard emit a cry of alarm, and he saw that Gerard was cumming too.

Frank finally released himself from Gerard, and put his pants back on. Gerard sat up.

“Um…” he said awkwardly to Gerard. “Wow. Well. I guess I’ll be going then.”

“Fuck that.”, Gerard huffed, “You come in here when I’m fucking exhausted, make me put on robes only to take them off like 30 minutes later, fuck me, and then leave? No way Frankie, you’re staying here tonight. “

Frank smiled and dove back into the bed with Gerard.

“God, so demanding.” Frank teased as he wrapped his arms around Gerard.

“Hey man, I’m fucking Malfoy and I get what I fucking want.”, Gerard mumbled jokingly before drifting onto sleep, his face nuzzled into Frank’s muscular chest. So god damn tired.


Frank woke in the middle of the night to a choking noise. He didn’t even have to open his eyes to know that Gerard was crying again. Frank sighed and looked around for him. He spotted him sitting on the edge of the bed. He saw Gerard had put his pajamas back on.

“Gerard.” Frank called his attention. Gerard didn’t turn around. Frank crawled over to him instead, and sat next to him, putting a hand on Gerard’s shoulder.

“Gerard...” he repeated, “..what’s wrong baby?”

“I didn’t cut…” said Gerard through his sobs. “I haven’t cut because I don’t want to disappoint you….”

“Well that’s really good!” said Frank as he pulled Gerard into an embrace, “I’m so proud of you!”

“But I disappointed her!” Gerard yelled rather loudly. “I told her when we got married I wouldn’t do anything with you! I fucking promised! Why can’t I stop fucking disappointing people?”

Ouch. While Frank knew very well he had told Jamia the same thing, it still kind of hurt to hear.

“Gerard. She’s gone now. You don’t owe her shit.” Frank said bluntly.

“You don’t know that… once she gets out of rehab what if --- “

“No Gerard! No what if!” Frank lectured Gerard sternly. “Don’t you remember what she did to you? To Bandit? She fucking beyond disappointed you! You have to stop beating yourself up and get fucking angry at the person who actually fucking deserves it!”

“It’s not her fault!” Gerard insisted, “It was the drugs that made her do that stuff! I was on drugs too remember? But I got better!”

“Yeah Gerard, when you were a fucking kid! And even then, you didn’t try to drown your own fucking child! And don’t think I didn’t hear about that time you supposedly blacked out from tripping on one of Bandit’s toys! God Gerard, you could have been seriously injured! Had you and Mikey come home an hour later after that dinner, Bandit could have fucking died!”

“STOP! STOP!”, Gerard screamed, literally covering his ears with his hands.

“NO!” Frank grabbed Gerard by his wrists and yanked his arms down, “Gerard you have to hear this! You have to face the truth that this woman is a fucking psychopath, and you have to fucking talk about it! Otherwise, you’re just going to keep fucking torturing yourself!”

“And what about you?” Gerard seethed, tears still streaming down his face, “Don’t think that I don’t fucking know about Jamia cheating on you! Yet you haven’t said a fucking word about it since you got here! Kind of something you’d want to tell your best friend, isn’t it?”

Frank looked thoroughly confused.

“What? Where did you hear --- ?”

“I heard you talking with someone on the phone a few nights ago.” Gerard confessed.

Gerard saw realization dawn on Frank’s face, and suddenly, Frank looked angry. A dark look in his eyes, he shook his head and said, his voice shaky, “Oh no, Gerard. It was I who cheated on Jamia.”

Gerard’s face was a look of shock. After a while, he spoke, gaping.

"You cheated on her?!?"

"You fucking eavesdropped on my conversation?!?"

Gerard and Frank stared at each other with equal disbelief. Frank had let go of Gerard's wrists.

"I fucking overheard you! I'm fucking sorry! It was better than waiting for you to tell me what the fuck you were so moody over!"

"I'M FUCKING MOODY? You've been slicing yourself up and having these breakdowns every fucking night, and I'M FUCKING MOODY?", Frank scoffed at him.

"At least I fucking tell you what's going on!", Gerard barked.

"No, no you fucking haven't! I had to have Mikey tell me you and Lindsey broke up! If you recall, I texted and called plenty of fucking times before I got over here, asking you what was happening! And you ignored every single one! It got to the point where I had to come down here myself!"

"WELL I NEVER ASKED FOR THAT!", Gerard roared. "What, you staying here now because Jamia fucking kicked you out?"

Frank abruptly stopped speaking, and a guilty look overcame his expression.

"How long were you even planning on staying here, Frank?", Gerard softened his voice, but Frank could still hear the anger in it.

"How long, Frank?", Gerard repeated himself.

"I don't know...", Frank muttered.

"What was that?"

"I DON'T KNOW! I DON'T FUCKING KNOW ALRIGHT?!?" Frank screamed. "I didn't think it was going to be a problem! I thought you were fucking done with that fucking bitch you call a wife!"

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Gerard snapped at him, "Don't you dare talk about her like that!"

"Don't you fucking see what you're doing?" Frank laughed scathingly, "You're just directing the anger that should have been for Lindsey at me!"

"And your trying to turn me against her so you can fucking take her place and move on in here! And here I fucking thought all those fucking pep talks were in my best interest! All that 'you deserve better than her Gerard' --- you just wanted me to get over her for your fucking benefit!"

"How fucking stupid are you?" Frank spat.

"OBVIOUSLY VERY! That it took me this fucking long to catch on to your ploy!"

"FOR GOD SAKES GERARD, THERE IS NO FUCKING PLOY! I came because I thought you needed me!"

"NEEDED YOU FOR WHAT? SO YOU COULD USE ME FOR MY HOUSE AND THEN CHEAT ON ME LIKE YOU DID HER?" Gerard was screaming at the top of his lungs. He looked quite terrifying, his face only semi lit up by the moonlight from the window. But Frank wasn't ready to back down.

"I WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO YOU, AND YOU KNOW THAT!" Frank yelled at a volume matching Gerard's.






Gerard was looking him dead in the eyes as he said it. While he still looked angry as all hell, Frank saw something else pass through his expression. In the depths of those hazel browns. Fear. He saw fear. There was a long pause before Frank said the only thing he could honestly, truthfully say at this point.

"I don't know.", he said shakily.

"Get out." Gerard hissed in a low voice.

"Gerard, I have nowhere to g---"

"GET OUT!", Gerard shrieked.

Frank grabbed a shirt to put on. Gerard curled up on the bed, and buried his face in his hands. Frank left the room, Gerard not seeing if he even glanced back at him. He heard some fumbling in the guest room. Not too long after, he heard the front door open and close. Gerard collapsed into hysterical sobs almost immediately, feeling horribly taken advantage of.

Once outside, a shaken Frank quickly decided what he was going to do. He dropped his bags onto the sidewalk and called a cab. He curled himself into a ball on the sidewalk as he waited, his mind racing. Ten minutes later, the cab came. Frank hopped in it and asked the driver to take him to the nearest hotel. He took one last good look at the house and for a moment hoped Gerard would be okay.

'Fuck it.', he thought bitterly as the cab driver pulled away, 'He thinks I'm some god awful asshole anyway.'.

He turned away from the home, unseeing of the two men who were watching it as well.


Next chapter: Lindsey leaves Gerard a message. Frank has a strange encounter.
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