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When Gerard and Frank buy a new house everything is perfect.....except for the kitchen. One Shot.

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Frank leans against the door frame watching the men work on the kitchen. When he and Gerard first moved into the house they loved everything about it. The living room was big and spacious with a small room off the side that he could keep his guitars in. The downstairs bathroom was perfectly placed between the kitchen and the living room, so that the guests didn't have to travel further into their home and pass Gerard's soon to be office/studio. The door after the office was a door to the basement. A basement which decidedly would be a recording studio of sorts because let's face it, Frank and Gerard couldn't spend more than a few days away from creating music, it was who they were. The room in front of the living room was a beautiful dining room with a huge chandelier that Frank fell in love with. Next to the dining room was the foyer which also contained the staircase that lead up to their beautiful master bedroom and two guestrooms. There were two bathrooms upstairs as well. One attached to their bedroom and the other in between the two guests.

So yes, everything in the house was perfect; well except for the kitchen. Frank wasn't quite sure what the previous owners were thinking. The floor tiles had pink flowers lining them, the walls were white with blue wallpaper covering the bottom half, the cabinets were brown with white counters, and black appliances accented the mismatched room.

Gerard was so set on the house he wanted to buy it the second they stepped into it. Frank, on the other hand, wasn't so sure.

“Do you see this kitchen, Gee? I cannot cook in here.” Frank remembered saying to Gerard when their real estate agent stepped away to make a phone call.

“Then I'll cook.” Gerard wrapped his arm around Frank's waist. “This house is perfect.”

“You don't cook. You can't cook. You'll end up setting the kitchen on fire.” He thought for a moment, “Maybe that won't be the worst thing.” Gerard laughed and pressed a small kiss to Frank's temple.

“We'll change it. You can completely design it to accommodate your chef needs.” He laughed again and Frank rolled his eyes.

“You won't be laughing when you're starving cause I refuse to cook in this kitchen.” Frank crossed his arms defiantly and stared at the horribly decorated kitchen in front of him.

“Then we'll change it. Whatever you want, baby.” And that's what lead him to watching the men working while Gerard is out with Ray writing new songs. The men are probably tired of listening to Franks concerns and questions. He wasn't sure why they were picking up the floor before taking out the cabinets. Or why the men were painting one side of the room and stopping leaving the other side white. It just didn't make any sense to him.

Yesterday when the men were working Gerard had kept him busy doing....things in their new bedroom, the sounds of hammers and machine drills drowning out their moans of passion. But today, Gerard was busy and Frank had nothing to do. Well besides unpacking all of their boxes, which was decidedly Frank's job because Gerard doesn't know how to organize things or rather organize things the way that Frank likes it. But Frank couldn't get his mind off the men downstairs who were possibly fucking up their kitchen.

Shifting so his shoulder is now pressed against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest, Frank watches two men cut up the floor paneling that he and Gerard purchased. He swallows slightly in fear as the men cut it in half. Why couldn't they just lay the paneling down in one piece? Why were they cutting it in fucking half? Just as he was about to step through the doorway into the kitchen to confront the two stupid men, he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“Baby, don't go bothering them. They know what they're doing.” Gerard speaks gently into Franks ear. He had come into through the front door completely unnoticed because of the loud machine that was currently cutting up even more of their floor paneling.

“But, Gee, they're going to fuck it up! Then we'll have to buy even more flooring which was not fucking cheap.” He says in a harsh whisper, turning around to face his boyfriend of four years. Gerard just smiled and wrapped his arms around his young lovers waist, pulling him in close. Gerard knew why Frank was nervous. This was their house. They had finally found the perfect location, Jersey of course, with the best view, and the spacious backyard, for the puppy Frank wants. It had took a little over a year of searching and being cramped in Franks old apartment that was way too close to his mothers house for his liking.

“They're not going to fuck it up, sweetheart. I promise.” Gerard leans down a bit and presses his lips to the corner of Franks. “They did Mikey's kitchen, remember? Haven't you always told me you loved his kitchen?” Gerard's hands have moved from around Frank's back to his hips, rubbing the bones gently with his thumbs.

“Well yes, but...” Frank can't think of a good enough reason that he needs to be watching these guys work on their kitchen. “But it's our kitchen.” He mumbles with a soft sigh.

“I know it is, baby, and it's going to look great.” Gerard leans forward and presses a reassuring kiss to Frank's forehead. “You designed it.”

“But if they mess it up now, it's going to be stuck like that for years, Gee. Years!” He pouts, letting his arms accent his words. “And then we'll be the couple with the horrible taste in kitchens. You know those people who have like rosters and fucking ducks all over their kitchens? That's going to be us!” Gerard can't help but laugh at his exclaiming boyfriend. His hands leaving the younger mans hips, taking a hold of Frank's hands. He leans down again and kisses Frank's jaw softly. Gerard gently moves Frank out of the view of the workers and pushes him against the wall of their living room.

“Mm, I don't think we'll ever decorate our kitchen with rosters, babe.” He mumbles against Frank's skin, making the smaller man shiver. Gerard moves his lips down to Frank's neck, gently nipping at the tattooed skin. Frank sighs letting his eyes slip shut.

“Gee, stop distracting me. I need to watch them.” Frank mumbles trying with all of his power to step away from his boyfriends' magical mouth.

“Is this distracting, baby? I'm sorry.” Gerard coos gently, trailing his lips to Franks magic spot, just beneath the ear where his jaw hinges.

After a few minutes of Gerard's amazing mouth working it's way around Frank's ever so sensitive neck and jaw, Frank gives, “Upstairs. Now.” He steps away from Gerard, pulling him up the stairs to their bedroom. Gerard grins, following him.

Laying in their queen-sized bed surrounded by blankets, Frank looked up at Gerard with half lidded eyes, shifting to press himself even closer to his boyfriend. Gerard smiled down at his small lover with a lopsided grin. Frank was always very touchy-feely, but after sex it seemed like he wanted to literally be on top of Gerard. Not that Gerard minded, though. Gerard just wrapped his arm around Frank a bit tighter, kissing his forehead. He watched as Frank closed his eyes, nestling his head on Gerard's shoulder. Frank intertwined their naked legs, still not accomplishing his mission of being on top of Gerard, and murmured against Gerard's naked torso,

“The kitchen's going to come out like shit now, Gerard.” Gerard let out an airy laugh and buried his nose in Frank's hair. He loved Frank. He loved every part of him. He loved that Frank wanted to make the house perfect for their life together. He loved that Frank wanted to be the perfect boyfriend and be able to cook extravagant meals every night. He loved that Frank loved him enough to stand in the doorway to the kitchen for the entire day, meticulously watching for mistakes. But Gerard didn't care if the house was perfect. He was happy with the basic appliances. He was happy with TV dinners and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He didn't need the kitchen to be showroom perfect.

Just as Gerard was going to disagree with his lover he heard a loud crash and a few strings of profanity coming from the kitchen downstairs. Gerard bit his lip and looked down at Frank, knowing that his boyfriend would assume the worst. As Frank squinted his eyes and began to sit up, Gerard held him close to his chest and pressed his lips to Frank's temple, moving his opposite hand down to rest on Frank's bare hip.

“I think I'm ready for round two, Frankie.” Gerard gently nudged his stiff, squinting boyfriend to have him turn his face to him. Once Frank turned his head to Gerard, the older man attached his lips to Franks and began to work his magic.

After a few moments of kissing unresponsive, protesting lips, Gerard finally felt the pressure against his and he smirked slightly into the kiss. Frank had forgotten about the men downstairs and was now only interested in the lips that were attached to his boyfriend.

For Gerard, it was mission accomplished.
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