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Gerard finds out all the information about the questions he asked. However, it may just be too much to take. Please R&R :))

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As a result of my so called ‘foolish and childlike’ behaviour that apparently got me lost in the woods last night, I had to stay put my Mrs Browns side all day today, and boy it was not pretty. She was still vexed with me from last night’s previous events, and was no sense of a word nice. I had no room to breath whilst I was in her presence, she was utterly furious with me and would occasionally sneer at me from the corner of my eye , pulling a snotty glare every once and a while, just to show her dislike for me. I didn’t even have time to explain last night, then again it’s not like I could say that I was drunk and then somehow woke up in the woods, somehow that wouldn’t go down so well. I had still yet to find out why I was in the woods in the first place, but Mrs Brown has took my phone off me just to clarify that I’m not getting up to anymore ‘tricks’ as she calls it.

I would really like to know if she has a life outside of school? My guess is no. She barely has one in school. Her husband obviously doesn’t give her the satisfaction she requires, but then again...who would? You probably couldn’t tell which one is the husband in that marriage.

On the other hand, it’s not like the day was that exciting anyway, the teachers took us to a few more mind boring museums and art galleries. However, the one art gallery was surprisingly interesting, there was a ton of abstract pieces of work and amazing portraits, only I wish I could become that adept with art, create such graceful pieces of work and become as talented as that one day. Lastly we went out to dinner at this posh restaurant, it was highly amusing how all the cheer leaders tried to ‘fit’ in and eat with elegance and so forth, whilst the jocks rammed the food down their throats in a slobby manner, the only way they know to. After that the teachers took us to a real cheesy horror, where yet again I had to sit right at the front with Mrs Brown, who kept a watch-full eye on me, no doubt the sleazy jocks and clueless cheerleaders sniggering not far behind. Then again most were hiding behind their badly fake tanned hands or badly fake tanned boyfriends. Nearly all of the students were scared, not just the attention seeking cheerleaders but even some jocks, although they acted as if they weren’t scared, nothing could deny the terrified faces they pulled no matter how much they tried to discreetly hide them. I mostly thought that tearing the seams from my jeans were more frightening.

So now here I lay, bored out of my mind at quarter-to- nine on the evening, and the teachers have been on my case, even now. I suspect that Mrs Brown is hovering outside my hotel room ushering all the passersby and students just so she can hear through the creak of my door ,giving her access to hear what I’m getting up to. She creeps me out, she is like a needle getting under your skin, and it’s defiantly not something I could say I’m content with. The teachers won’t let us leave our rooms after nine but as far as I’m concerned I couldn’t care less.

I mosey out of my ruffled sheets as they just seconds ago were wrapped around my legs, hanging onto my fed up state, as I scramble out of my comforting bed to creep quietly over to the door, taking little footsteps as I reluctantly ponder over there. As I crept over and reached the door, I peered through the spy hole to quickly have a peek to see if that hermaphrodite Mrs Brown is still loitering at my door. My eyes scanned the hall and I was reified when I found it empty. I grabbed my hoodie off the hanger near the door and slipped on my vans. I gently unlocked the door and opening it peeping my head out to cautiously watch out for any teachers or untrusting jocks who would more than likely bust me for being out after curfew. The cost was clear so I swiftly stepped out of my room and locked the door behind me, then immediately ambling down the hall and around the corner checking for anymore passersby, students and most importantly Mrs Brown.

I hastily turn round the corner heading closer to Mikey, Danny and Bobs room. I kept my sprint up down the corridors until my eyes caught onto the room number 2331, soon stopping at a slow pace until I finally reached the door. I knocked the door quietly, still whipping my head around checking no one had spotted me, frantically tapping my foot in anxiety, while I impatiently awaited for my entrance. Then I heard a creak of the bed as if body weight was lifting, finally.

The door then swung open giving me a small cold breeze and then was met by a smiling Danny.

“Hey dude,” Danny greeted as he gave me a small wave. “Come on in,” he invited me in taking two steps back allowing me to enter. Once I did he had shut the door and locked it and then I was soon in the sanctuary of their room.

I saw Mikey curled up on his bed huddled over looking straight at his mobile phone, eyes glued to the screen and fingers tapping away. I rolled my eyes and saw Danny recuperate himself to his bed crossing his legs Indian style while playing his DS. His dark midnight sky hair glistening in the violet moon that loomed down over him through the window, allowing me to see the tints of dark blue splashed at the tips of his jelled spiky Mohican. He’s a tall dude with paler skin than mine. How that is possible I don’t know as I am technology a walking vampire. He’s not the scary ghostly pale like myself. However I believe he is naturally that pale, unlike I who just purposely doesn’t see the sun...well tries. Danny has dark sea coloured eyes that are not just full of craziness and randomness but also intelligence and care, he is one of the many people I can read, through their eyes.

Frank Iero seems to be the only candidate that I can’t read through, it’s as if his eyes are clouded and musky, purposely covering something indeed important behind them, not just from me but everyone. That s the only impression I seem to be getting. I never understood why I can easily read through a person’s qualities and personality through their eyes, and I still don’t understand. I think it may be a gift my Grandma, Helena, gave me before her presence unfortunately passed away, but her soul still lies with us.

Damn there I go again, dwelling on the past and things around me, my mind a cloud of thoughts yet again, this really isn’t good for me. I shook my head and promptly made my way to Danny’s bed and lazily collapsed on it next to him, stretching my limbs and laying my legs flat on the quilt almost mirroring his actions as he was now lying down. I was just getting comfortable before I start my questioning.

My eyes skimmed over the room and seemed to take interest on Mikey’s form that was huddled up on the opposite bed. Mikey’s eyes were still fixed to that phone of his, they haven’t budged from that phone since I got here. It’s as if the phone has him hypnotised to it, as if Mikey is under the phones essence. His eyes gluing to the screen and forcing his fingers to tap away at the keys like his life depends on it. He looks like a mini Chihuahua on speed, and it’s not a good look for him.

“Yo Mikes what are you doing?” I questioned, whaling my hand in his direction.

No reply. And I thought I was the vampire of the family.

“Hey Danny what the hell is up with Mikey, what’s so special about his phone?” I whispered to him beside me.


Danny’s sentence was then cut off as Bob came bursting through the front door with a skinny red head around his arm with hair curling past her rosy red cheeks and round her chin with ruby lips mirroring her hair and cheeks.

What was Bob doing with a ragdoll?

My eyes instantly grew wide then and as I tried to stand I nearly stumbled onto the bed or into Mikey, which would actually be a good idea. However, I recovered by clutching onto the bedside table, I didn’t want to humiliate myself more than I already do.

“What the fuck went on last night?” I finally blurted out, demanding an answer in my shocked state.

Just then the room fell uncomfortably quiet with all their eyes boring into me with their mouths hanging open in awe. All of a sudden Bob, Mikey and Danny burst out laughing, filling the room with giggles and chuckles as Bob, Mikey and Danny all howled with laughter, while some i.e. Danny slapped his knee as he cried with laughter, finding myself more amusing than others. Well at least I got Mikey’s attention.

“Ok, for one that was bloody hilarious then, the way you just cobbled like that,” Danny commented, covering his mouth as he again was still filled with the giggles. “An... And two...l... last night you... y...oh man Bob...t...tell him,” he smirked at Bob barely able to maintain a straight face as he was having a bad case of the giggles. He then flopped his head back on the pillow muffling whatever other crazy sounds escaping his lips.

“Basically,” Bob began, as he seemed to be the only one who had stifled their laughter and would actually talk. “Last night you decided it would be a fun idea to play hide and seek whilst we were drunk and we being the gullible drunks we were agreed,” Bob said, and smiled with his eyebrows raised.

“Oh,” I let out, looking down feeling slightly embarrassed, something I have made a habit of recently. “But how did I get lost, was my hiding place that good?,” I smirked. They all laughed and nodded, but Mikey, though that is obvious.

“Yeah you could say that,” Danny said, crossing his legs on his bed in his laidback attitude.

“Well let’s put it this way, I was found first then Mikey and then Danny. We looked for you for about five minutes and we just gave up, then I met Jessica,” he told us, referring to the rather dolled up girl on his left. “And Mikey met this other girl and ...well, we got distracted,” Bob said, playing with Jessica’s burgundy locks, twisting his fingers around the strands of hair making her giggle at a very high pitch. I ignored Bob for a second and turned to Danny.

“Where was you?” I asked.

“Urhh just getting more pissed I think, I can’t remember my brain is shrivelled up,” he joked.

“Just like your face then,” Bob said in a joking manner, gaining a pillow thrown at his head from Danny. Jessica and I laughed at Bob as he pulled a shocked face.

“Dickhead,” Danny shouted back playfully.

“You know it,” he smiled.

“Aww Bob I have to go now, my parents will be wondering where I have got to,” Jessica told Bob, as she literally hung off his arm, slinging her arm around his waist as she said the words near Bobs ear.

“Ok well see you around Jess,” he gave a small smile, and began to move in, giving her a quick chaste kiss on her lips before she flew out the door hearing her heels tap the floor until the noise disappeared down the corridor.

“I won’t be seeing her again,” Bob stated, before landing on the bed next to the oblivious almost vampireish Mikey with a fud.

“Why,” I questioned, sitting up, obviously seeming clueless to him.

“Oh come on,” he said, while raising his hands to emphasize the obvious. “She was just someone I met last night, we had a little fling but didn’t do much. I think I passed out before we could, thank god,” he chuckled, in his husky horse tone.

I laughed along knowing that Bob wouldn’t go that far with a girl like that. I then stopped to question some more.

“Well, why was she here?” I asked.

Bob sat up more and began to speak.”Well we somehow exchanged numbers so I decided to meet her, I actually couldn’t really remember what she looked like so I wanted to get to know her when she isn’t drunk, to see if she is nice,” he said, then shook his head repressing his smile. “No, she isn’t all that nice, I could never date someone like her she is just too...well too...much..”

“Of a slag,” Danny finished his sentence.

We all laughed again and agreed to Danny’s very true words.

“Yeah my thoughts precisely,” Bob pointed out.

“Yeah she did look pretty cheap,” I agreed, whilst everyone but Mikey did the same.

“Hey bro, seriously what’s up with you man, you’re like a vampire... and that’s my job” I said puzzled, as I bounced off the bed and leaped over to his side, trying to peek at the words he was producing on that tiny screen as he typed away on his phone. Pressing every button vigorously as quickly as human possible, making his thumbs seem a blur. I could just imagine smoke emitting the keys right now, at the speed and concentration he put into his sentences.

“Dude calm down,” I told him, with the way he hurriedly pressed the keys. “And who are you texting?” I continued, peering ever so slightly at his screen very confused, which I seemed to be a lot of lately.

“Umm one,” Mikey finally spoke, slightly stuttering as he did so, and turned around trying to cave himself in, hiding his oh so precious phone from my beady stare.

“Ohh that must be the girl that he has been texting 24/7,” Danny pronounced.

“Oh yes is that right,” I said, inching closer to Mikey and raising my eyebrows, boring into him. However all he gave me was a roll of the eyes. “Who’s the girl then?” I asked being the nosey and annoying brother I proudly pronounce I am.

Mikey shuffled up and responded with a loud sigh, giving me room to be seated next to him. He finally tore his stare from his phone to glare at me from the corner of his eye, but I knew I got him now there is no backing out.

Danny and I smirked knowingly as he took a few steps forward along with Bob as they had obviously not yet found out that much information about this girl, which I’m sure Mikey will give. On the other hand, before we could find any answers Mikey then sneakily went back to texting.

Damn, just when I thought I got him.

“Ugh please tell use Mikey,” Bob pleaded, his hands clasped together in an almost praying position, as he begged Mikey for the answers, all of us huddled around him like a bunch of sassy girls.

“Ok, Well....”After that word he was off, telling us every detail about his new found crush. The girl goes by the name of Romy Rossdale, and he went on and on about her. I’ve never seen him this enthusiastic about a girl before. I could see the smile he suppressed on his lips, purged with pure happiness. If only I could have that, I seem to always be haunted by misery. However, I was just glad that someone is making Mikey happy and hopefully we will see her soon. He talked about her interests and hobbies, her love for Green day and her interests in fighting games. What she wore and how she looked, every singled bit of aspect and information about her he could gather was spread here amongst us. She seemed like a really cool person, I could tell too as I swore Mikey repeated himself somewhere along the lines, but I found myself smiling all the more, unable to remove my lips from this position. Moreover, he seemed very happy and only time can tell what this girl making Mikey so over the moon will be like.


I’ve just got back from their room now after two hours of drinking the remainder of leftover beers from last night that Bob found. Played a bit of racing and fighting games on Danny’s PSP. Not to mention Mikey blabbering on about his new crush. I would have stayed longer if it wasn’t for the bitter evil Mrs Brown knocking on our quarters and demanding us to open, to which we had to and as soon as she registered that there was indeed four of us in the room at the forth being me, she stormed over to me with a face like thunder.

"Gerard Way, what gives you the right to be in other student’s hotel rooms after curfew?” she shouted, looking furious with me as she always does.

”Umm what’s the curfew again?” I slurred slightly, a little miffed, not to mention throwing in a bit of attitude. Nevertheless, I have just polished off most of the two beers that was found.

”9pm, and you know that young man. Your two hours late now ,get to your hotel room now, don’t make me have to babysit you again!” She yelled, raising her thick almost mono-brows at me as she pointed to the hall.

That women is so annoying, I swear she has some kind of grudge against me, she never cuts me any slack I mean what does she think we are doing in here drinking beer...oh...wait, we were. Of course I had to leave, I didn’t want to but I did not fancy being stuck with her all day long again.

Another thing, why the hell did I decide to play hide and seek last night? I know I was drunk but seriously out of all the things I had to play that, I could have been doing something useful... like girls. Then again the more I look at the, fake burnt to a crisps supposed tanned girls at school, the more unattractive they are to me. They are all like sheep hurdled together wearing the latest ‘trends’ trying to look good fitting in and somehow attracting all the jocks and geeks. It’s a shame, some of the geeks just don’t know what’s coming to them, so foolish to believe that the cheerleader girls will want anything to do with them. It surprises me how they get the title geeks.

I stretched my limbs out on my bed that I was now very cosy on, however feeling utterly bored. I’m not in the mood for drawing, writing or any of that shit I would play more of those cool racing and fighting games, beating the hell out of zombies sounds good around about now. I didn’t bring a bloody games console or games what so ever, so I’m pretty much stuffed. I suppose I just wanted someone to talk to or game with.

I yawned whilst rubbing my eyes feeling sleep powering over me, as my eyes begin to slowly flutter shut. Sleeps calling me, beckoning me to close my eyes and drift away to the peaceful sound of the chill weathered wind whistling in the night sky, swirling through the trees, wrapping around the branches and hearing the autumn crinkled sepia leaves scrap along the pavement as they litter the streets. until I lay in a heavy slumber ready for the morning ahead.

I turn on my side and rest my head upon the soft fluffed pillow, and that’s where I see Franks laptop open with light escaping the screen. My eyes immediately don’t feel drooping and tired anymore as they spring open, staring at the laptop before me. Frank is still in the shower so it must be safe, for now at least.

I clambered out of my bed creeping over to Franks bed and closer to his laptop. I can see now why I didn’t bring mine. If Frank is a sneaky as I am, to which I can guarantee he is, it’s just not safe enough to bring your laptop here. I then reached his laptop and crouched down carefully on his bed, fearing that any minute he would burst out that door and catch me on his bed and by his laptop, if he did Mine and Franks civil behaviour would be no more. I don’t want to make a sound, even breathing is enough to put me off ease. I’m that cautious he will catch me and then me be in deep shit. Even just simply blinking is making me nervous and yet, I have not even looked at his laptop yet.

I gingerly touched the mouse of the laptop, bringing back the brightness from its dim temporary light. Once I did, I clearly saw his desktop and found that the desktop was a picture of him and his parents, standing on a balcony and behind them was a beautiful pictures scenery. His Mother even had the pink belt on to. Wow that’s something I would be embarrassed by to have as a desktop wallpaper. The picture seemed to be taken a few years back as Frank didn’t have the nose or lip piercing...not like I take much...urhh interest in him anyway. After I scanned the wallpaper I dragged the mouse over to the open window that was minimized. I clicked on it opening a very dark page, fire curling above the screen with the edges all crinkled and frayed giving the page an old used medieval effect. The fire was a ragging red with tints of burgundy flaming in the middle. In the middle of the page lay a long white strip, it looked to be a scroll which just finished the medieval look altogether. However, it didn’t really seem the type of thing that Frank would choose then again, Frank is a very confusing guy.

At the top of the page in rubicund thick writing, read ‘Franks journal’ my eyes instantly grew wider and my body immediately inched closer to the screen beginning to read the entries, wanting to know what was in Franks mind, hopefully I would find it here.

As I read through the entries I felt my pulse beating rapidly, almost as if a vicious animal was clawing out, fighting its way out to the surface, telling me to stop, turn away and don’t read anymore. However, that animal remains inside, continuing to try and break the trance I am in as I carry on starring at the screen. I know this is wrong, very wrong but there is no turning back now no matter hard I try, I just have to look. It is so tempting, it’s almost as if letting a child hold an ice cream all day long and not enable them to lick it, it’s something you would just be so tempted to do and I just can’t stop it, I have to look.

I scroll down the pages, my face full of mixed emotions and puzzled thought as I read through the many entries that have been posted. It’s a good job Frank has long showers. The further I got the more I thought my eyes were deceiving me and I couldn’t quiet believe what I was reading. Realising that I really was doing wrong, I guilty stopped not allowing myself to carry on any further. What I saw was enough, and the more I read the more I wished I hadn’t. I scrolled back to where I left it and minimized the page. I slummed over to my bed in a state of shock and confusion, feeling terribly regretful for the words I said that night.

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